Lift13, Reinventing the Crafts: Massimo Banzi [en]

Here are my live notes of the Lift Conference session “Reinventing the Crafts: the Future of Job Traditions”. Keep an eye open for mistakes, inaccuracies, and other flakiness due to live-blogging.
Massimo Banzi

Making hand-made things that are wired. Arduino.

Make tools for makers, are makers themselves. High-level objective: change the world. But you have to be a little practical about it. Take the world of electronics and digital technology and create tools which will allow ordinary people to make interactive objects. Not just buyers!!

Computer the size of a credit card (Arduino board). Used to power things like 3D printers (has an Arduino board as a brain). Or helicopters. Or in the Large Hadron Collider. Botanicalls (tweeting plants… more water!)

Business is set up open-sourcely: Hardware is CC-BY-SA, Software is GPL, Docs are CC-BY-SA, Brand is ™.

Arduino board is in your face all the time, needs to be nicely designed.

Company distributed worldwide. No HR office, just pick up people from the community.

1.2 bio official Arduinos in the world. Chinese clones? God knows how many.

Links with coworking, fablab… Tour of their spaces/offices, with photos.


*steph-note: exciting for me, like 3D printing! Going to be spending time at FabLab Neuch’ over the next year.*

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