Lift12 Extreme Hackers: etoy.AGENT ZAI [en]

[fr] Je suis à la conférence Lift12 à Genève ces jours. Voici mes notes de sessions.

Live-blogging from Lift12 conference in Geneva. These are my notes and interpretations of etoy.AGENT ZAI’s session — best effort, but might be imprecise or even wrong!

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The only thing that Etoy sells is stock. You become and investor.

Etoy history represented as a stock chart.

History. First, search engine subversion. (Art-yard.)

Became part of the global transportation network. Containers as nomadic pieces of architecture, icons of globalization.

The outside is standardized.

steph-note: a little lost, maybe that’s the point?

1999 Etoy got stuck in a huge mess. American company with almost the same name, offered a lot of money for the brand, but also sued them for trademark infringement, etc.

steph-note: heck. the toywars actually led to etoys share going down so much that the company filed for bankruptcy.

All about gamification. Let’s do something positive after that! Work with children. Hacking humans. Day-care.

steph-note: I’m not sure I get this “art” thing (not the first time this happens to me)

Understanding people as memory systems. (Elderly people.)

Hacking the end of life. Spheres. Move and sound.

Also doing stuff with ashes (Timothy Leary).

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