Another Small Step With Google Buzz [en]

[fr] Maintenant que le soufflé est un peu retombé, et que le gros problème de confidentialité de Buzz n'est plus qu'un mauvais souvenir, je commence à y remettre un peu les pieds, surtout suite à un article que j'ai lu, où l'auteur se demande si Buzz n'est pas le chaînon manquant entre Twitter et le blog -- un peu dans le même espace que Tumblr et Posterous.

It’s been some time now, the horribly privacy flaw has been fixed, I’ve hidden the “Buzz” label in my e-mail, and more or less forgotten about it.

A few days ago, a title caught my eye: Google Buzz and hybrid blogging. There was also something about the “missing link” in the accompanying text.

I read the article, and it’s been gnawing at the back of my mind ever since. A Buzz notification or two popped up in my inbox recently (people replying to things in my Buzz stream, which contained at the time not much beyond my blog, photos, unused Google Reader, etc).

Between the article linked above and the fact that somebody had actually used Buzz to react to one of my blog posts, I went to have another look. Thanks to some in-buzz help, I connected Digital Crumble to Buzz, and decided to throw Twitter in to see what happened. I decided to follow a few more people.

Right now, I’m waiting to see what happens. I feel like I’m slowly thawing towards Buzz. Buzz reminds me of FriendFeed, but less horribly chatty, and nicer (I’m not sure why yet). I just wish that I had a way (as the “reader”) to simply hide all the Twitter updates from the people I follow. I get those through Twitter already.

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