What Should I Blog About? Have Your Say [en]

[fr] Une expérience: faites des suggestions et votez sur les prochains sujets que vous aimeriez que j'aborde dans ce blog! Anglais et français, bien entendu. 🙂

This is an experiment, utterly and totally ripped off from what Scott Berkun is doing on his blog with his Reader’s Choice series.

As many of you know, my problem is not finding ideas to write about. My problem is that I have too many. I have a long list of blog post ideas in Evernote which I dip in every now and again when I feel like blogging and don’t have an immediate idea (which is not that often, to be honest — not the “feel like blogging” bit, the “don’t have an idea” one).

So, here’s the deal. I’ve opened a Slinkset site called What do you want to read about next on CTTS? — I’ve started populating it with my blog post ideas. I would like to invite you to vote on the topics and add your own suggestions. You don’t even have to sign up, it’s really easy!

A couple of times a month, I’ll make sure I blog about the most popular topic. I’m looking forward to seeing how this works 🙂

6 thoughts on “What Should I Blog About? Have Your Say [en]

  1. This is working pretty well, at least as far as voting goes: thanks so much for your participation!

    I’ll very probably be writing the first article on the list on Wednesday (so, deadline for voting for this one will be Tuesday night, I’ll pick the one on top when I get online Wednesday morning!)

    Francophones: écriture mercredi, donc deadline mardi soir pour ce premier tour (on verra quel article est en haut quand je me connecte mercredi matin!)

  2. I think it also takes into account how “new” the item is… Thanks for reminding me btw, I’ll try and blog about that top topic by the end of the week!

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