11 thoughts on “Hate Mail [en]

  1. C’est un mail qui t’as été personnellement destiné ? ‘tain ça craint de lire des trucs pareils
    ! 🙁

  2. Ne pas accepter le regard extérieur, refuser la différence, refuser la perception de sa
    culture par l’autre et surtout ne pas prendre le temps d’expliquer les erreurs, de corriger et
    Je retourne donc à  cette personne les adjectifs qu’elle emploie contre toi: ignorant,
    arrogant, haineux et je m’arrête là , pour, contrairement à  elle, rester poli et faire preuve
    d’un minimum d’intelligence.

  3. We usually think this kind of ignorance, intolerance and lack of intercultural understanding
    is exclusively a European/Western civilisation/Imperialistic/ trait. I guess comments like
    this prove us wrong.

  4. No culture is impenetrable or benefits by trying to be that way. Only a fool thinks that its a
    bad idea to learn.

  5. You have done something well – you can see this from the passion you have elicited. Tend to
    agree though a bit with the thrust of this little attack, that you seem/ are too young to
    judge, as you’d agree as well I guess. On the other hand, yea, there is color in your writing,
    contrast, so everything is well actually.

  6. Gee – nevermind the bad apple -just come back ! You’re always welcome you know that 🙂

  7. When I visited India with my father some years ago, it wasn’t hard to discern a certain
    smugness (from happily few folks) over the ‘degenerate Westerner’ (me). Invariably the
    questions would come about ‘x’ morally ambiguous practice, or ‘y’ example of lack of mental
    This kind of carping is rare, but it poisons the well, so to speak. It’s one thing to absorb
    the subtle glories and nuances of a culture, and another thing entirely to have it verbally
    inflicted on you as if you were ‘too ignorant and arrogant’ to understand. Learning and
    growing is hard enough. Go to India, because *you* want to, because it interests you, because
    you care. Let this mope solve his/her own hangups.

  8. Best ignored! There’s always some ignoramus hanging around the corner, with absolutely nothing
    to do but write hate mail. He’ll probably stew in his own hate and hopefully evaporate from
    the face of this earth. Don’t forget to inform me when you come 🙂 I might take some French
    lessons in the meanwhile.

  9. C'est un mail qui t'as été personnellement destiné ? 'tain ça craint de lire des trucs pareils
    ! 🙁

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