Taming the Dirty Dishes [en]

Following popular request, one post in English (yes, things have been busy in the French-speaking world lately).

I have a satisfaction-guaranteed-or-get-your-money-back recipe for avoiding the accumulation of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink:

  1. each time you put something in the kitchen sink, wash it immediately
  2. if you walk past the kitchen sink and there is something in it, wash it immediately.

It is important that all members of the household follow these two simple rules.

It really works, promise. In a week from now, you’ll wonder how you ever ended up with piles of smelly dishes that took you a whole hour to scrub through!

(Extra bonus: when washing the dishes, imagine you are doing a favour to the person you love the most, and think about how happy you/he/she will be to walk past an empty sink!)

7 thoughts on “Taming the Dirty Dishes [en]

  1. Bravo!!! clapclapclapCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPclapclap! ça fait plaisir à  voir, ce
    bel évier tout propre!!

  2. Pas mal – dommage que j’ai pas (pas encore) d’appareil digital. La vue de
    mon évier est… différente en mieux et en moins bien…


    P.S. Qui est partant pour un vaisselle-blog communautaire?

  3. bonne idée, il y a du travail en ce qui me concerne, mais je tiens bon,
    12h plus tard et c’est encore propre!

    … en mieux et moins bien???
    j’ai un peu de mal à  te suivre, help me Baud!

  4. Ouais bon… et si “mon meilleur ami” oublie de sortir les sacs poubelles
    par exemple, qui est-ce que j’engueule?


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