Pickle Jar Time Management [en]

I wanted to try yesterday, but I started out a bit late in the day. So I did it today.

I got up, spent 10 minutes or so figuring out my rocks for the day, jotted down a few pebbles, and got to work. By the time the evening had come I had studied for three hours and got a whole lot of other things done. And I hadn’t switched on my computer.

Let me know if Pickle Jar Time Management works for you too!

The idea is simple: take a pickle jar (your day), and fill it with rocks. It’s full now, isn’t it? Take a handful of pebbles and add them in too. You might have to shake the jar a little. See how they fit nicely between the rocks? You can fill the jar even more: gravel, sand, water…

5 thoughts on “Pickle Jar Time Management [en]

  1. then what do you do when the jar is full? sometimes it’s those same little
    spaces between the rocks that help us fit ALL the rocks in the jar to
    begin with…


  2. You fill the jar, that’s your day. But if you try to fill it with water
    first, you’ll overflow when you try to fit your rocks in.

    Did you read the article? 😉

  3. I’m thinking about this famous pickle jar and wondering…How do we know the difference between a rock, a pebble and even sand. Sometimes it’s not that easy. Any ideas? Thanks…

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