Photos of Switzerland [en]

As it’s too hot to sleep, here are some aerial pictures of Switzerland. If it stays this hot, I’m going to sleep on my balcony. 31.5°C says the thermometer. And look at what time it is.

First, the index for Switzerland. Zoom into my little canton, Vaud.

Start by visiting Lausanne. More than 300 photos available if you click on the map. This is the old town.

I live in this area, but unfortunately there are no pictures of my neighbourhood. There’s one of the World Trade Center, where part of the Orange offices are, however. My neighbourhood doesn’t look anything like those tall buildings you can see, by the way. Have a look at Prilly if you want a better idea of what it could look like—I live on the border between Lausanne and Prilly.

Le Mont is where I grew up. Again, unfortunately, no photographs of my father’s house. Check out the university: my building is the one alongside the motorway in the last picture. Hop off to Bussigny. The building I work in is the bottom one in the photo-before-last.

2 thoughts on “Photos of Switzerland [en]

  1. I just happened across your photo information. I was wondering, from your name, if you were related to Brian Booth? I did my student teaching at the Commonwealth-American school in Lausanne and he was a teacher there at the time. He really helped to shape who I am today as a teacher, 20 years later. If you are by chance related, please tell him that Sue Tangey said Hello and I think of him often.

  2. Hi Sue — we are very much related: he’s my father! I’ll tell him you said hi.

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