Pro Without Tables [en]

If you’ve been thinking that “tableless” sites are very good for personal playgrounds but not viable for professionnal sites, take another look.

Ben has done a really great job with Netspace. Not a single table (unless you’re using Netscape 4.x, in which case you’ll be redirected to a tablefull page), and all the layout is taken care of by css. Bravo!

Standards compliance requires a separation of structure and presentation. It is never total, we know that, but we do our best. CSS takes care of the layout and presentation, and HTML deals with structuring the content (if you can use xhtml strict, it’s even better).

If you’re thinking of selling this approach to your client or your boss, CSS talking points at ALA will probably inspire you. If you want more technical information, my tableless page will provide you with the necessary links.

2 thoughts on “Pro Without Tables [en]

  1. Ben has made a table-less site for his work too (eek, I lost the url in
    the server change. I’ll post it asap).

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