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IUCAA, 16 August 01

Time is starting to fly by. I found a nice Internet Café near Ambedkar Chowk, arranged travel to Delhi and planned a day or two in Bombay with Nisha and Shinde during the Ganesh festival.

I went on a shopping trip to MG Road with Madhav this afternoon. As my eyes are still full of Europe, the goods in Indian stores are all the more tempting.. Maybe I’ll have to start some import-export business so I can walk around buying everything that catches my eye without any guilt.

During the last couple of days I have bumped into a fair number of people I am aquainted to. Most of the security guards and IUCAA staff recognise me, and I saw Shobha, Varun, Tarun, Rita and a couple of people from the servant quarters. I went to visit “my” jeweller, and stopped by at the choli-maker’s.

She has been ill for the last couple of weeks – the flu, they say. Her two daughters are ill too. Her husband showed me upstairs into their small flat so that I could say hello to her. She looked really thin and unwell, something like half her normal self. It really hurt me to see her like that. I hope she gets better.

During a year here, I have acquired quite efficient indian interpersonal skills. If I compare my achievements over the last few days, dealing with shop-keepers and other people, to the way I got around (or rather, didn’t get around) when I first set foot in this country, it is rather satisfying.

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