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I’ve just discovered All My FAQs. All My FAQs is a wiki, which means that the website is big Perl script driven by the contributions of an open community. For example, anybody can modify any page or even create new ones.

I usually believe that anarchy cannot be productive, but maybe the wiki is a counter-example. It shouldn’t work, but it does!

I’m also very much aware that some areas of the web turn out to be collections of collections of links, or FAQs to FAQs. Is there any way out of this? Most of the time, the information is there – it is just useless because people cannot get at it. When a list of “pointers” gets exhaustive enough, it also starts getting too big and confusing. I guess there are some information architecture issues at hand.

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  1. Your link doesn’t work: you put the title instead of the URL under “href”.

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