Friendship [en]

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  1. I once knew a couple of guys whose whole friendship was built around insults and curses. It was funny to watch them, because they would get along so well, all the while calling each other “mother fucker” and “shit face.”

  2. Oh my yes, I agree with that. In fact, I sometimes find that I don’t get along as well with people that are too uptight about things like being called a bastard(in the most endearing way!) and who can’t stand jokes about their mothers. It says something about your sense of humor and your ego, I think.

  3. Actually, I really wasn’t thinking about “decide on acceptable vocabulary”.
    It was in a more *serious* and *general* way. You need to get your words straight (or they can be a source for endless misunderstandings), and often the “big” ones. Though of course, it’s never done “openly”.
    But notice how you seem to talk about these “big issues” each time you make friends?

  4. Yes. Yes I do. Well… actually, they haven’t come up in a while, it seems. Does this mean all my current friendships are shallow and meaningless? This is something that keeps me awake at night. My obvious lack of anything truthful and real. Shit. What a downer. And it’s a Friday night, to boot.

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