Spring Luck [en]

For the second day in a row, the field at the end of my usual Cali-walk has given me a four-leaved clover.

Yesterday, I stooped down into a patch of clover. In less than a minute, I had found one. I had in mind that childhood summer afternoon when I had put into press a good score of these little green lucky charms. Today I looked into the clover again – and believe it or not, in no time a very pretty one had sprung up to meet me. Nice and regular, with heart-shaped leaves.

Now, don’t read too much into this. I’m really not superstitious. It’s just that it’s spring and sunny and that finding four-leaved clovers reminds me that I’m a lucky person. There aren’t that many of them around – at least compared to the lowly three-leaved ones.

In some way or other, things usually seem to turn out right for me. Never mind if it is only because of my confidence that they will, or because I make them so. Well, of course they don’t always. I’ve had my share of bad times too, and there are certainly more ahead. But it’s nice to feel focused on this aspect of my life – a pleasant change from a month or so back.

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