Google Reader: I'm Officially Pissed Off [en]

[fr] Trouvé la source des pubs pop-up: les extraits de ma page de "diffusion de billets" Google Reader. Je suppose qu'il y a des trous et que les pubs s'y glissent.

Update 28.10.06: Fixed.

First, excuse the strong language. Second, note that I’ve removed my latest shared items from the sidebar.

Why did I do such a thing, if I love the sharing feature of Google Reader so much?

I did it because I finally identified the culprit in the mystery of the pop-up ads on CTTS. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen: the little piece of code I had added to display the headlines of my latest shared posts.

Now, I suspect this isn’t something Google did by design. I mean, I don’t suspect Google of wanting to display pop-up ads on any page which uses this kind of “clip” (that’s what they call it). However, I do suspect that there is a hole in their code somewhere that allows ads to creep in.

Google Reader people: this would probably be worth fixing.

Thanks again to LLoyd who drew my attention to the pop-up and Chris who assisted me in narrowing down the problem.

14 thoughts on “Google Reader: I'm Officially Pissed Off [en]

  1. Sorry to hear that the shared items are giving you trouble. There shouldn’t be any popup ads, and we’d like to fix this bug if possible. I have tried to reproduce this by adding your shared items to a test page:

    However, I am not seeing any pop ups, either in Firefox or Safari (with the blocker turned off). Can you perhaps create a test page with this problem?

    Mihai Parparita
    Google Reader Engineer

  2. I’ve added the shared items to the sidebar again and they’re back. Can you please let me know if it’s useful to you? I don’t mind having the pop-up there for troubleshooting, but I’d rather not leave it when it’s not necessary.

  3. Wow, I guess I should complain about google on my blog too, I’m sure you got a crazy traffic increase from this 🙂 looks neat too.

  4. It must be amazing when you complain about an application bug in your blog and the dev team answer you replying your post o_O

    I hope your problem is solved now 🙂

  5. Hi Stephanie, I am glad that you were able to track it down and Google fixed it so quickly. Keep on pressing words 😉

  6. Google Reader isn’t perfect yet, but it’s already the best online feed reader. Amazing really, when you think how bad the first version was. It’s nearly enough to make me give up my beloved FeedDemon!

    Thanks for the link to BlogSmart on your page, Stephanie. I’ve subscribed to your feed as you seem to have some really interesting posts on here. Sadly, monoglot as I am, I’ll only be able to read the English ones!

    I’d like to expand BlogSmart to feature posts by people other than me. If ever you’d like to contribute anything, drop me an email. It would be great to here from you.

  7. Gah!! Just noticed my shameful mis-spelling of ‘hear’ in my last comment.

    Note to self: Must read comments through before posting them…

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