Non-Religious Buddhism (Batchelor, closing words) [en]

How to create an authentic community, which provides a sound basis for the emergence of a culture while optimizing individual freedom, may be the single most important question facing those practicing the dharma today. One of the strengths of religious Buddhism is its ability to respond unambiguously to this question through continued establishment of hierarchic … Continue readingNon-Religious Buddhism (Batchelor, closing words) [en]

Freedom (Batchelor) [en]

Instead of creatively realizing their freedoms, many choose the unreflective conformism dictated by television, indulgence in mass-consumerism, or numbing their feelings of alienation and anguish with drugs. In theory, freedom may be held in high regard; in practice it is experienced as a dizzying loss of meaning and direction. Part of the appeal of any … Continue readingFreedom (Batchelor) [en]

Self as Narrative (Batchelor) [en]

This passage reminded me of one of my French linguistic classes a couple of years ago. We were talking about autobiography—and to what extent our lives are constructed. Reflecting on our personal history is a way to give meaning to it, thus creating the narrative of our life. I find it interesting how Batchelor puts … Continue readingSelf as Narrative (Batchelor) [en]

Meditation and Death (Batchelor) [en]

I’m still reading Buddhism Without Beliefs by Stephen Batchelor; more quoting for your enlightenment (hopefully): It might be that all I can trust in the end is my integrity to keep asking such questions as: Since death alone is certain and the time of death uncertain, what should I do? And then to act on … Continue readingMeditation and Death (Batchelor) [en]

Bienheureux ceux qui pleurent car ils seront consolés (Mt 5.4) [fr]

C’est l’inscription que l’on peut voir à l’entrée du Cimetière du Bois-de-Vaux, lorsque l’on déboule de la Vallée de la Jeunesse pour arriver sur la route de Chavannes. C’est un des mes trajets courants ces temps, et je ne peux bien entendu m’empêcher de lire cette inscription, un peu mécaniquement. Elle m’irrite, d’abord. Ah, la religion … Continue readingBienheureux ceux qui pleurent car ils seront consolés (Mt 5.4) [fr]

Books That Changed My Life [en]

[fr] Une série de livres qui m’ont marquée. Picked up on Lifehacker (via Feedly, which I really like!), What Books Have Changed Your Life? — so, off the top of my head, and way too late in the night to do any serious thinking/writing/linking, a bunch of books that were groundbreaking reads for me: The … Continue readingBooks That Changed My Life [en]

Illumination et prise de conscience — Un point de rencontre entre zen et psychothérapie ? [en]

Prof. Pierre-Yves Brandt Mini-mémoire de Psychologie de la Religion Session d’octobre 2003, deuxième certificat (Licence en Histoire et Sciences des Religions) Ce travail est celui sur lequel j’ai été notée pour mon examen final de psychologie de la religion. Le document Word sera nettement plus adapté à  l’impression, si vous trouvez tout ça un peu … Continue readingIllumination et prise de conscience — Un point de rencontre entre zen et psychothérapie ? [en]