Remembering Bagha, 1996-19.12.2010 [en]

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Bagha: One Year, Coming Up [en]

[fr] Bientôt un an sans Bagha. Retour de tristesse. In a couple of weeks, it’ll be one whole year since Bagha died. I’m feeling sad these days. Memories of my last weeks with him. Life with my old cat, wanting to make the most of my time with him, but not knowing how short it … Continue readingBagha: One Year, Coming Up [en]

What Made Bagha Such a Special Cat For Me [en]

[fr] Un pas de plus sur le chemin du deuil, alors que je m’apprête à éparpiller les cendres de Bagha dans le jardin où il passait ses journées. Tentative un peu laborieuse d’identifier (et de trier) ce qui dans la douleur de la perte de mon chat est proprement la douleur de sa mort, et … Continue readingWhat Made Bagha Such a Special Cat For Me [en]

On Grief and Losing Bagha [en]

I’m in India. I’m in Pune. I’m in IUCAA. I’m where Bagha was born, where I started to love him. It’s also the place where I spent a short year with Aleika, Somak and Akirno, and the Shindes, and all the other people and beasts who were part of my Indian world. That world is gone … Continue readingOn Grief and Losing Bagha [en]

Bye-Bye Bagha (1996-2010) [en]

My beloved Bagha died last night of a heart attack. As all of you who know me can imagine, I’m devastated. Bagha has been my constant companion through the last 11 years — at home and at work, from India to Switzerland, and the cuddly purrball of my often lonely nights. Bagha was an extraordinary … Continue readingBye-Bye Bagha (1996-2010) [en]

Bagha's Story, First Part, First Draft [en]

[fr] Ma grand-mère m’a dit plusieurs fois que je devrais écrire un livre pour enfants basé sur l’histoire de vie de Bagha. Cet été, j’ai enfin commencé à écrire. C’est incomplet et c’est surtout un point de départ, mais je le publie ici pour que vous puissiez déjà le lire! My grandma has told me … Continue readingBagha's Story, First Part, First Draft [en]

Grandma and Bagha [en]

Each time I sit down to write one of these Life entries, I think of my Grandma. She lives in England – not that far off but still quite far. My Grandma is over 70 now, and she logs onto the Internet regularly to visit my website. I know that what she looks for are … Continue readingGrandma and Bagha [en]

They Chose Tears [en]

[fr] Aimer un animal, c’est choisir les larmes, parce qu’on sait qu’on va le voir mourir. 7 years ago today, Bagha. In less than two weeks, it will be a year since Tounsi’s death. I don’t know how long Quintus has got. I hope it’s longer than I fear. I’m not big on the whole … Continue readingThey Chose Tears [en]

The Speed of Time [en]

[fr] Réflexion sur le temps au travail et le temps à la maison, les chats malades et l’hiver. Routine is settling in. As I have mentioned, my time seems to be shrinking. Or speeding up. It’s a good sign when time flies by, but it scares me. I look at my colleagues, some of whom … Continue readingThe Speed of Time [en]

Un chat c’est CHF 2000.- par an [fr]

[en] A rough calculation based on the 20 years of cat-life in my home tell me that in Switzerland, one should budget roughly CHF 2000.- per year and per cat, food and meds included. It’s an average. But knowing this might help us see less people in Facebook groups saying they won’t spay their cat … Continue readingUn chat c’est CHF 2000.- par an [fr]