Back [en]

Here I am, finally – cat sprawled over my knees, dog curled up under the table, and computer humming on the table. Lots of cables, CD-ROMs and papers lying all over the place, and the modem is perched on my ironing table about two metres away, but it works: I’m online.

All the places I used to visit regularly two months ago have continued living a life of their own. Even the statistics of my little site tell me that people other than me actually do visit it.
I didn’t miss the web when I was “offline”. I did wonder every now and again about what was going on there, without me. But finally, when you’re not there, you’re not there – life goes on and cyberspace seems more and more distant.

End of Orange [en]

My adventure at Orange is over. Although university has started already, I feel on holiday – which is not very surprising, considering what my life was like these last weeks:

sleep – walk the dog – work – walk the dog – work – walk the dog – sleep – walk the dog – work – …


Bagha pooped in Cali’s bed a few days back. Luckily I found it before she did.
He peed on my bathroom rug yesterday – the message was clear: he got his litterbox back.
This morning, somebody had redecorated the living-room floor. I suspect Cali – she was looking rather sheepish as I cleaned up.

I really hope it stops there!

Childhood Memories [en]

I flew to England on Thursday, and went to see the house I spent the first two years of my life in.
I could remember the street from my last visit, when I was eight, but not a single thing apart from that.
The neighbours were still the same, and remembered my family. A very sweet old lady had bought the house when my parents moved out, and she was still living there. She invited us in, served us tea and cake.

I couldn`t help but compare myself to Akirno. He is now the age I was when I moved to Switzerland. Will he retain no memories at all of his life in India, and of the eight months I spent living in his family?

Persistent [en]

Bagha insists on drinking water out of the toilets.

I’ve tried everything, but all he does is tell me that if we use drinking water to flush our toilets, why shouldn’t he drink it?