Quintus a eu beaucoup de chance [fr]

[en] Quintus is a very lucky cat indeed. He used up one of his nine lives the night before last. He almost certainly chocked on a piece of kibble. Luckily I was there. In panic, because I thought he was dying in front of my eyes, I stuck my fingers down his throat repeatedly (met … Continue readingQuintus a eu beaucoup de chance [fr]

Coming Out as Single and Childless [en]

[fr] Quarante ans, célibataire, sans enfants. Un deuil à faire, et une porte à ouvrir pour en parler. I turned 40 last summer, and it hasn’t been easy. To be honest, I kind of expected it to be rough: my mother died when she was 40, 30 years ago, and in my mind 40 has … Continue readingComing Out as Single and Childless [en]

Pourquoi j'ai attendu avant de reprendre un chat [fr]

[en] Why I waited after Bagha’s death before adopting cats again. Depuis la mort de Bagha, j’ai vu bien des gens de mon entourage perdre leur chat également. J’ai été frappée par une réaction courante mais totalement étrangère à ma façon de fonctionner: reprendre un nouveau chat sans perdre de temps. Du coup, je me … Continue readingPourquoi j'ai attendu avant de reprendre un chat [fr]

Vivre avec un chat FIV+ — dédramatisons [fr]

[en] Some notes on living with an FIV+ cat — it’s not the end of the world. An FIV+ kitty has every chance of dying of something else than AIDS, so keep calm and get informed. FIV-healthscience on Yahoo groups is a great ressource. Mon chat Bagha était FIV+. Il a eu une bonne vie, … Continue readingVivre avec un chat FIV+ — dédramatisons [fr]

Faire sortir un chat [fr]

[en] Many people without cats — or with indoor cats — wonder that I let my cats out (including at the chalet). Aren’t you afraid they’ll run off? Well, not too much. Here’s how I proceed to introduce my cats to the outside. J’ai des chats depuis à peu près 30 ans. J’ai toujours eu … Continue readingFaire sortir un chat [fr]

Les chats des autres [fr]

[en] Musing on other people’s cats and how they send us back to our own. Hier, en me connectant sur mon groupe de mamies à chat à la fin d’une longue journée de jours (#SMSCL), j’apprends que Zad a disparu. Zad, je ne l’ai jamais caressé, je n’ai jamais rencontré ses maîtres, il habite dans … Continue readingLes chats des autres [fr]

How Was 2012 So Far? [en]

[fr] 2012, année chaotique, mais qui se termine avec un retour vers la stabilité. 2013 s’annonce plutôt bien. A conversation last night had me thinking back about the last few years. This morning, I stumbled upon this post that I wrote end 2009. 2009 was a good year. I felt like I was getting my … Continue readingHow Was 2012 So Far? [en]

Cockerel, Anybody? [en]

[fr] Plein de nouvelles! So, what’s up? I’m in the UK. I’m helping Aleika find a new home for one of her cockerels, Hercule Poirot. He’s a super-good-looking guy, and he takes his job with the hens very seriously. Do you know anybody in the UK who has chickens (hens!) and would like a stunning … Continue readingCockerel, Anybody? [en]

Memories of Safran [en]

[fr] Souvenirs de Safran. Safran was put to sleep on Thursday. I’m still very sad, though I’m not end-of-the-world devastated like when Bagha died. Tounsi seems OK, but of course it’s hard to say. I’m upset, our routines have changed because Safran isn’t there. He doesn’t seem to be pining or going around looking for … Continue readingMemories of Safran [en]

Having Cats [en]

[fr] Avoir des chats, c’est aussi: des interactions sociales avec voisinage, amis, et connaissances; des pauses jeu, câlins, sorties; un encouragement à prendre soin de moi, en prenant soin d’eux; des balades dans le voisinage, pour les accompagner ou les trouver; un espace coworking muni de chats! You might remember, when I was grieving Bagha, … Continue readingHaving Cats [en]