Contact [en]

Stephanie Booth
Guiguer-de-Prangins 11
1004 Lausanne

My office is at eclau.

Please use e-mail to contact me. If you’re a human being you should be able to make this out: first name, dot, last name, gmail, you know the drill. (It also works for GTalk…)

If it’s for a simple or urgent request, Twitter (@stephtara) or SMS (+41786254474) are usually best. I rarely answer my phone and don’t really like voicemail.

Please don’t pitch me or send me press releases or subscribe me to your newsletter. I’m also not that enthusiastic about requests to go for a coffee to chat (a.k.a. “free consulting“), unless they come from friends (who usually don’t need to visit my contact page to know how to get a hold of me).

On the other hand, I’m always interested in discussing business opportunities. Training, consulting and speaking are my main activities. I also do a lot of individual WordPress and social media coaching. Tell me what you need and I’ll give you more details on what I can do for you.

I am currently (Oct. 2010) pretty booked, so please get in touch early enough if you are interested in my services.

PS: I’m told this contact page is a bit harsh, so until I put up a kinder version, don’t let it put you off from contacting me.