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Ça commence à  bien faire!
Je croise ma concierge en rentrant, qui me dit qu’au moins trois personnes se sont encore plaintes de mon chat. Parce qu’il se promène dans les couloirs de l’immeuble. Parce qu’il rentre par les fenêtres ouvertes. Parce qu’il miaule derrière les portes.
Mais qu’ils me le disent à  moi, bon sang! D’autant plus que probablement, ce sont surtout des vieilles dames qui se plaignent pour le plaisir de se plaindre.


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Kitty Story [en]

One lady living in the same building as me is complaining that Bagha climbs onto her balcony.
I had a very agressive phone call from her a couple of days back, and very unpleasant talk yesterday morning. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with it, she doesn’t want to do anything or suggest anything, she just wants me to keep my cat from coming on her balcony.

She has cats. She knows that I can’t just say “Bagha, bad boy, keep away from this lady’s balcony!”. She knows I came to live here so that my cat could wander around in the green.
Bagha is a curious chap and he’s quite smart at getting at places. I saw him climbing down the balcony yesterday, and I must say it’s quite a feat.
I think she just needs to be at war with somebody.
Bagha came back wet on the back, this morning. I suspect she emptied a jug of water on him.

Anyway. I’m mad at her, and I’ve written a very nice letter to the estate management (or whatever you call “them” in English) asking if the branch of the bush he climbs on can be shortened a bit.

As an aside, even if this is an aspect of swiss life that I loathe (interfering, complaining, aggressive neighbours), it is not one that can be avoided by going on exile to India.
Aleika had similar trouble in India with the same Bagha: “Your cat must not come in the canteen, Madam!”

What a pity some people can’t complain nicely.

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