Netvibes Widget of my Shared Items [en]

If you read this blog “on the blog”, and look at my very cluttered sidebar, you probably noticed there is a feed of my [“shared items”]( from Google Reader hidden in there ([grab the feed!]( “Sharing” is [the reason I switched to Google Reader]( over a year ago.

I’m sitting in a workshop about [UWA widgets]( at [Paris Web](, which had me looking at [netvibes]( again. Even though it never clicked for me, I know lots of you use it (I check my stats, yes I do).

So, here we go. One thing leading to another, I created a widget with my shared items in it. It’s more for fun than because it’s really useful, as you netvibes users can create it really easily — but hey, here it is:

Add to Netvibes

**Update:** how disappointing! I thought it was going to look like this in the blog post:

My Shared Items Netvibes Widget

Not there yet, it seems.

**Update 2:** something I’ve been wanting to do with netvibes (not sure how feasible it is, actually): create a tab with “my stuff” in it. See, I’m [scattered online]( “De-scattering with Jaiku, thanks.”). And the stuff I “share” is also scattered. If I found it through my feed reader, it’ll appear as [a whole post in my shared items]( If I was randomly browsing around, it’ll be in [my links]( If it was a video I watched on YouTube, it’ll end up in [my VLog]( If I wanted to share a quote, it’ll be [in my Tumblr]( Creating something to collect all these “things of others that I consider worth passing on” would be really nice. I wonder if a netvibes tab would be a solution — and if people would use it at all.

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