Website Pro Day 3: Results! [en]

[fr] Le Website Pro Day 3 a porté ses fruits! Mon site professionnel anglais commence à ressembler à quelque chose. On y arrive!

A quand le WPD4?

After three days of hard work (which resulted, amongst other things, in a [server move](, a [WordPress upgrade](, [plugin hacking](, [updating](, and even [writing from scratch]( I finally got around to the meat: adding content to [my professional site](

I picked a temporary design ([Moo-Point theme]( with a little help from [Carlos]( for the header image) and between yesterday and today I’ve added a little bit of information to my [English-language professional site]( For example, check out the [speaking]( page *(I’m still [looking for a speaking agent](*. In the process, I’m discovering that I really suck at “information architecture” (I think I’m bastardizing the term somewhat to use it for this) — I mean what to put on which page and how to organise content.

It’s far from finished, but at least it’s starting to look like something.

When shall we organize Website Pro Day 4?

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