Blogging Feast and Famine [en]

[fr] Je n'ai jamais pu me résoudre à planifier la publication de mes articles, ici. Sitôt écrit, sitôt publié -- tu parles de gratification immédiate. Ces temps, je me demande si je devrais peut-être changer ça.

One thing I’ve never managed to bring myself to do is schedule my blogposts here on CTTS. I do it for other blogs I’m involved in professionally, but I find that once I’ve written something I simply do not have the patience to wait for it to see the light of day. Slave of immediate gratification am I indeed.

Does it bother you when you get nothing to read for days or weeks, and then a flood of blogposts over the space of a week or maybe even a day? Should I be a little less writer-centred and a little more reader-centred?

It’s something I’m wondering about these days.