Skype and Address Book Integration Failure [en]

[fr] Première tentative pour intégrer le carnet d'adresses OSX et Skype: échec. Quelqu'un a une piste à me donner?

This post about [integrating Skype and Address Book]( had me hopeful, but unfortunately installing [Skype Caller]( failed silently for me. Maybe it’s just too old.

Ideally, I’d like to either see my Address Book contacts with phone numbers in my Skype contact list, or be able to one-click-call via Skype from inside Address Book.

Pointers, anybody?

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Google Reader: I'm Officially Pissed Off [en]

[fr] Trouvé la source des pubs pop-up: les extraits de ma page de "diffusion de billets" Google Reader. Je suppose qu'il y a des trous et que les pubs s'y glissent.

***Update 28.10.06:** [Fixed.](*

First, excuse the strong language. Second, note that I’ve removed my latest [shared items]( from the sidebar.

Why did I do such a thing, if [I love the sharing feature of Google Reader]( so much?

I did it because I finally identified the culprit in the [mystery of the pop-up ads on CTTS]( Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen: the little piece of code I had added to [display the headlines of my latest shared posts](

Now, I suspect this isn’t something Google did by design. I mean, I don’t suspect Google of wanting to display pop-up ads on any page which uses this kind of “clip” (that’s what they call it). However, I do suspect that there is a hole in their code somewhere that allows ads to creep in.

Google Reader people: this would probably be worth fixing.

Thanks again to [LLoyd]( who drew my attention to the pop-up and [Chris]( who assisted me in narrowing down the problem.

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Google Calendar Down in Flock? [en]

[fr] Google calendar ne semble plus marcher pour moi depuis un jour ou deux. Flock/Firefox. Et vous?

Annoying NeoOffice Error [en]

[fr] Un problème récurrent avec NeoOffice. Vous connaissez ce message d'erreur?

I’ve been getting this error ever since I moved from my iBook to my MacBook. I’ve erased NeoOffice from my Applications folder and reinstalled it. I know we had this error at school, too. It doesn’t seem to create any problems, but it’s just annoying that the first time in a session I save a file I need to click through this (and the next).

Screenshot of error message.

Welcome to Steph’s Troubleshooting Centre, and thanks for your help!

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Slow SSH Login from MacBook [en]

[fr] La connection SSH vers mon serveur depuis mon MacBook est très lente (je dois attendre plusieurs minutes pour qu'il me demande mon mot de passe). Il me semble me souvenir que depuis ma machine Windows à la maison également, il n'y avait rien de cela. L'autre semaine, j'ai essayé de me connecter depuis un tout autre endroit et la réponse a été instantanée. Idées?

Well, it seems that writing about my technical problems here is more efficient than bugging people repeatedly on IRC about them, so let’s continue. Welcome to Bunny’s Troublshooting Centre.

I have trouble SSH’ing into my server from my MacBook. Trouble, here, means I have to wait a couple of minutes (no exaggeration) for the password prompt. If I’m quick enough and type my password in before it times out, I’m in.

I logged in from somewhere else the other week and it responded almost immediately. I don’t recall that logging in from home (same wifi/DSL connection) from my winbox was sluggish.

Any ideas? I’ve run SSH with the verbose option on, and it does throw up a few warnings an errors. I don’t really want to paste it all here, but if you tell me what bits are useful I can put them in a pastebin. Thanks for any ideas/help/assistance.

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Java and FreeMind on my MacBook [en]

[fr] Maintenant que je suis sur mon MacBook, Freemind ne marche plus. Description du problème. Solutions et suggestions bienvenues.

Ah, well, [the Lazyweb was retired](, looks like I missed that. We can just go about tagging posts with [lazyweb](, though.

I used [Freemind]( as a mind-mapping application on my iBook. Unfortunately, it won’t start on my MacBook. I’ve looked in system profiler and it tells me about plugins for two Java versions.

Screenshot of error message.
Screenshot of error message.

Suggestions or solutions very much welcome (or nice free OSX mind-mapping apps too).

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Links in WordPress Comments not Linking [en]

[fr] Les URLs dans les commentaires de ce blog ne sont pas transformés en liens, alors qu'ils le devraient. Appel aux idées pour résoudre ce problème.

[Lazyweb, hear my call!](

When people type URLs in my comments, they aren’t converted into links. WordPress should do this, but it’s not doing it. I don’t know where to start troubleshooting.

Suggestions and solutions will be thankfully tried out 🙂

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Dear Apple [en]

[fr] Lettre ouverte à Apple. Trois mois et demie depuis la panne de mon ibook et toujours pas de MacBook commandé depuis deux mois, ça commence à suffir.

Dear Apple,

I told you again more than six months ago [how much I loved my ibook]( Ever since [my ibook moved in with me](, I’ve become such an enthusiastic Apple user that my dad makes fun of me. I’ve turned my back on over a decade of faithful Windows use and even started [recommending you to my friends]( Over the last two years, a whole bunch of them have bought ibooks — or are now buying MacBooks.

A bit over a year ago the first cloud interrupted my honeymoon with my ibook. The [motherboard died and I spent 6 weeks without it while it got repaired]( I was glad I had given in and paid the “Apple Tax” (also known as “AppleCare”), because the motherboard died just about a year after I had bought my shiny new ibook.

Even though this had taken a long time, and there [wasn’t any French speech recognition software for OSX](, my ibook was pretty, and I still loved it, so I was not shy to [let myself be photographed with it to illustrate interviews I gave](

Six months later I had to [replace my power cable]( But I still loved OSX and my ibook was still pretty, so my dad had many an occasion to continue making fun of me because I was loyal to you. 🙂

This year, though, all hell has broken loose. If I’ve told you the beginning of my story, Apple dear, it’s because I want you to know how enthusiastic a switcher I have been, and that I understand nobody’s perfect and can also forgive that.

[In February my beloved ibook started freezing.]( OK, maybe the hard drive was a bit full. Sometime durin gthe month of March the frightening “failing motherboard” symptoms reappeared, so I gave my [favourite Apple retailer]( my ibook for a transplant. A couple of weeks later, my ibook was back home, but it didn’t take long for [things to go really really wrong](

At that point, my darling ibook had worked it’s way through at least 3 motherboards, and the hard drive was going belly-up too. The shop took it back in for repairs, and at the same time I tried to see if I could get an exchange.

Well, things haven’t gone too bad: my ibook was repaired (after you sent the repair shop a defective hard drive, if my memory serves me right), but then there was a problem with the wifi card connection. Around that time it seemed like you were going to accept to replace my broken ibook, even though you would only give me the bottom-line product instead of a customized equivalent to the setup I had.

When you [surprised us with the MacBook](, the shop agreed that if I ordered one, they would take back the new ibook I would have received and charge me the difference. Seemed like pretty good deal. On May 22nd, I finally ordered my shiny new MacBook through the shop.

Things already seemed to be moving slowly back then, but looking back, the worst was yet to come.

First, one of your representatives finally got in touch to organise the pick-up of my old ibook for the exchange. She insisted that they could only pick up my ibook at my home, during office hours. Excuse me? Apple, I know I’m a teacher (well, I was back then) and that teachers are at home all the time, but I do lead a busy life. Plus, the ibook was still at the shop (had been there for over 6 weeks), so I would have had to go to town during the shop opening hours, pick up my ibook, and then stay at home (?) one day for you to pick it up. Sorry, Apple, but do you really expect your customers to be at home during office hours? Somebody needs to review this exchange process.

Lucky for me, I have a good relationship with the store manager (given the number of hours we spent discussing my ibook problems, it was kind of inevitable). He managed to arrange for the pickup to take place at the shop. Then we lost a week (?) or so because for some reason, nobody came to pick up the ibook once everything had been arranged. Oh well.

Last week, I dropped into the store and was greeted with good news. The replacement MacBook for my ibook had arrived. Neat! But what about my “real” replacement, the customized MacBook we had ordered two months ago? Still nothing.

To this day, the last news I have is “not before next week”. I won’t hold my breath, though. “Not before” isn’t very encouraging.

So you see, Apple, I’ve done my job as an enthusiastic switcher and Apple evangelist amongst my friends, and [even in the local press through photographs like this one](

Photoshoot Coopération 6

I’ve been patient through my (many) trials, but this is just starting to be too much. I’ve been without my laptop since April 9th, the day it broke down. Today? July 26th. That’s three months and a half. That’s way too long. Not to mention my dad is really having fun poking at my Apple-love now.

So, dear Apple — I’m aware you’re having trouble delivering customized MacBooks or something, and I know you probably can’t do much in my particular case. But maybe — maybe — you could work a bit on making things a little less painful for faithful AppleCare’d customers?

Thanks for listening. Thanks for caring.

Yours still,


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