WordPress Deaf to Pings [en]

[fr] Mon installation WordPress semble refuser les pings depuis deux semaines environ. Aucune idée ce qui peut causer ça.

While I’m at it in the “technical annoyances instead of getting work done” department, with the misbehaving plugin and the Sandbox trouble, my WordPress installation has obviously become deaf to pings/trackbacks over the last two weeks.

I can send trackbacks fine, but not receive them. Even from my own blog. I don’t know where to start searching for the problem.

Oh, and I’ve lost the French excerpt to my post Advisors, Boards, Companies, Partners, Oh My! so if you happen to have a cached copy, would you check it out for me, please?

Damn. This morning is not turning out the way I hoped.

Update, 17:30: the pings from my most recent post just came through! I’m only running Spam Karma 2 now, deactivated both Akismet and Bad Behavior. Hope to identify the culprit soon.

Update, 17:53: now, when I save a post, it sends one ping. If there is more than one pingable URL in the post, I need to save it multiple times. Got bug?

WordPress not Sending Pings Anymore [en]

[fr] WordPress fait des caprices et a arrêté d'envoyer des pings automatiques (trackback, pingback) sans me prévenir. Grinche.

Once upon a time, I loved WordPress because I didn’t have to enter trackback addresses manually anymore — at least, not when I was linking other WordPress blogs, or pingback-enabled blogging tools.

Those days are gone, and I’m not quite sure when it started. I’ve been having a creepy feeling for sometime that I wasn’t getting as many “internal” (CTTS to CTTS) trackbacks as I should. Today, I checked.


You know me, I specialize in weird, not-so-reproducible issues. So, it wouldn’t be that WordPress has stopped sending pings altogether, no, that would be too simple.

WordPress has stopped sending pings *most of the time*. But sometimes, every now and again, it sends one. Or a couple. Or three.

What is going on, would you say?