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Allow me, for once, to jump on a meme bandwagon. Here is my Dvorakitty:

Dvorak with Bagha-kitty's head.

[Thanks to Meryl for the photoshopping. I’m hopeless at that kind of stuff.]

It’s nowhere as funny as Meryl’s Dvorakitty, of course. And it’s actually pretty spooky to see my cat looking at me from the top of that body.

Little explanation: Dvorak is the author of a pretty shallow article on the ‘Blog’ phenomenon. He said something about people posting less pictures of their cats on their sites, too. Not sure if it was supposed to be a good or a bad thing…

**Update, July 2007**: hunting in the archives:

– [Chris Pirillo’s First Dvorakitty](http://chris.pirillo.com/2002/02/16/dvorakitty/)
– [his second one](http://chris.pirillo.com/2002/02/18/dvorakitty-ii/)

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Where is the bird? [en]

A bird has been hidden in this picture. Can you find it?

Picture of cat with bird hidden in it.

[Raph, je sais pas où tu les trouves!]

Anita suggests a caption contest. So here we go!

  • Send in your caption(s) by email before Feb. 26 (Tuesday)
  • Français and English allowed. Hindi permitted only if you explain the line to me.
  • Prize: signed picture (yes!) of me wearing my AntiBloggie prize. Cool, uh?

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Live Nude Cats [en]

Head straight for livenudecats.com: those two cats show it all!

warning: if you feel you might be offended by the view of naked cats, please refrain from viewing the site.

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Photos III [en]

Poppy. More flowers – here is the first one for you, just keep clicking through the gallery!

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Photos II [en]

Les photos n’ont pas de langue, même si les commentaires sont en anglais! J’ai bien bossé ces derniers jours, et j’ai le plaisir de vous présenter les nouvelles galeries suivantes:

  • Markal: un village indien dans lequel j’ai assisté à  une journée de rassemblement religieux auquel participait mon ami Shinde.
  • Akirno: une mignonne petite frimousse pleine de vie, qui a contribué à  égayer mon séjour en inde.
  • Fleurs: au gré des promenades, quelques fleurs rencontrées.

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Photos I [en]

Here we are! the photos section has been revamped, with addition of two new galleries: flowers and Akirno.

The new design still breaks in IE5Mac – do let me know if you have any suggestions!

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