Back Home [en]

Back home in Switzerland. Got the cat back, but not the cellphone.

Switzerland is grey and dark and cold. No colours, no sun.

I’ve got my cat back (with a bit of extra weight, just like his mistress who now feels a little tight in her trousers), my brave little car started at the turn of the key, only one of my plants has died (it was already on the way down before I left), but my cellphone has been blocked.

I feel a bit dazed. The change has been brutal. I feel disconnected, as if my presence here wasn’t completely real — or worse, as if India was just some kind of weird dream, a sensation I sometimes have when I am over there. Something else I need to sort out at some point, I guess.

I’m not too sure what I’m going to do now. There are lot of things to unpack, an extra CD/DVD-rack to buy (!), a few things to type up, and lots of photos and videos to upload and organize. The flat still needs work, too.

I think I’ll take a Lush bath.

A Coin [en]

A little girl follows the canoe and asks the two tourists inside for a coin.

There is a canoe with tourists again. A white lady with fair hair, and another lady from the city. I stand on the edge of the water, I say “Hello!”, I smile. They wave back.

The white lady has a big camera. These tourists, they always take a lot of photographs. These two are laughing and talking and playing with their cameras.

I run along the shore to follow them — they aren’t going very fast, it is easy. I wave, I smile again. I think they like me. I am wearing my purple dress.

I ask for a coin. The lady from the city makes me repeat. I think she doesn’t understand.

The canoe is going round the corner — I take the shortcut behind my uncle’s house and catch up with them again. Once more I ask for my coin. As they still don’t understand, the boatman tells them what I want. These ones won’t give me anything.

I run after them again, smile and ask for a photo. The lady from the city takes a picture of me. I wave good-bye, the boat goes off. Mother is calling me.

Photos and Videos [en]

Videos and photos online.

Some photos and videos are already dumped online. You’ll find the photos in the Dumped Photos section, and the videos in the Films section.

Don’t expect too much, though, there is a lot of rubbish!

Calendrier de blogueurs [en]

Un calendrier 2004 de blogueurs et blogueuses dans lequel figure l’auteur de ces lignes.

On l’attendait depuis 13 jours au moins, le voici enfin: le calendrier #echoes 2004.

Direction le mois d’avril pour voir votre dévouée serviteuse ornée de ses jolies bottes.

Avec, en prime, les anniversaires et bloganniversaires des différents protagonistes. Nos sincères félicitations au maître-d’oeuvre Kitof.