Blog Stuff [en]

Going through the bookmarks I had collected when I was staying at my brother’s, I pulled out
non-negative blogging for you. What is it about?

First of all, if you are not very familiar with the “blogging” subject, read Rebecca Blood’s excellent essay on weblog history. You might also want to read Deconstructing “You’ve Got Blog” (a comment on Rebecca Mead’s article) which puts notes the “star-system” and “incestuous nature” of blogging.

Sorry for the interruption. Dink’s take is that lots of bloggers openly criticize other bloggers. Not their opinions, but their person. Not later than yesterday, I must say I noticed something very similar to a blog-war going on not far from what I call the “waferbaby community”.

Before I had a site, I spent the major part (if not all) of my online time in chatrooms. I used to go on crusades to convince my fellow chatters to treat “online people” with as much respect and care as “offline people”. Too often, it was not the case.
People online are treated as “virtual”, denied an existence of human beings with feelings.

Positive blogging goes in exactly that direction. “Think of the person behind the webpage or the keyboard, maybe at the other end of the world.

Web [en]

Please stop by for some really nice reading (I mean writing) at creepsville.
You’ll also find the most dangerous list of journal links over there – enough to keep you online wayyyy too long.

Virus Zoo [en]

There! I’ve finally installed a free antivirus.

In the process (and reason for this post) I discovered their Virus Zoo.

Googling Them [en]

Two online articles I found via Google, which mention Somak (and Aleika).

A little net-search brought up two interesting articles: one is about Somak and Aleika’s departure for Birmingham, and the other is an account of a talk I can remember him going to England for.

For the record, Somak and Aleika (let’s not forget Akirno!) are the people who shared my life while I was in India.

Life in a Call Centre [en]

From what I know, life in the Call Centre at Orange isn’t as bad as this. And I hope it never does become comparable.

Thanks to FishSauce for the link.

Intranet [en]

Writing web pages for an intranet is nice: if they show up OK in your browser, you know that they will behave the same on all the company’s computers.
Orange is giving me a good chance to mess about with CSS – and now that I look at the stylesheet I use here, I see there is a lot of work to be done.

I also want to slightly redesign (haven’t I been saying that for ages?) and clean up all my files.

My “helper” at work made me discover EditPlus, which is, I must admit, an improvement on Notepad. Even if it was just for the coloured tags and the multi-file replace.
So I’m hunting around to see if there is anything better, and also looking for a good free FTP client.

Suggestions, anyone?

Moutons Electriques [en]

Je suis restée crochée trop longtemps sur ce superbe site pour le passer sous silence.

Comme toute BD, electric sheep contient du texte, et il est en anglais. Mais ce site vaut le détour rien que pour les images…