Crap Cat [en]

So, if you want an demonstration of my artistic skills, go an see my crap cat picture! I’ve already warned you time and time again I couldn’t draw… so there!

And while you’re at it, why not submit your own crap cat to shauna?

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Web [en]

Now, this is really f***ing good research… ; )

Urban Legend Reference Pages has just been bookmarked by your favorite web-hunter as a very valuable reference. If you come upon something on the net and you’d like to check if it is real or not, search their library. You’ll probably find it.

I’ve singled out a piece for you on the uselessness of e-petitions. Check it out before hitting “forward”!

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Pyra [en]

You might want to read the different versions of the Pyra story before posting your comments to the giant MeFi thread on the topic.

I had at first misunderstood that the employees had abandoned Pyra…

Read on:

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Popular [en]

Big [en]

Word to CSS [en]

OK, I know it’s not new, but I’ve just tried it. Well I’ll be begaddled! The code is clean and usable. The output page looks just like the original document. There will only be minimal work to do to adapt the document to my site’s stylesheet…

If you haven’t already done so, please go and check out W2CSS straight away!

// review

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Fun! [en]

We knew fusion had editors. Now grimm has too!
Introducing yours truly, grimm editor.

This is how it works. I write the beginning of a story, send it to somebody, who writes the next bit and sends it back. Then I take the last snippet of the story, and send it to somebody else. Ten people total.

Then we stick the story together, and publish at waferbaby.

Important! If you register at waferbaby, you go into daniel’s pool of people, not mine. Daniel is like my “boss” for this thing, and I have to find my own “players”.
So if you like writing, just come on and join the fun by sending me an email!

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Acronyms [en]

Grimm Fusion [en]

So maybe you have heard about fusion. Now there is the text equivalent, daniel’s latest creation.
Have a peek at the second grimm. There’s a surprise for you at the end.

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Animals [en]

If you’re an animal weirdo like I am, please do set some time aside to read Dr. Roen‘s column.

It’s funny and informative.

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