Electric Sheep [en]

Sorry, I had to. I stayed hooked on electric sheep way too long to omit mentioning it here. It is really worth the (long) visit.
Courtesy of astoundingweb.org.

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Goldbach's Conjecture [en]

Goldbach’s Conjecture says that each even number is the sum of two primes.

For example, 6=1+5, 8=3+5, 18=11+7, etc.
Sounds good, doesn’t it?

The only problem is that up till now, nobody has managed to prove or disprove it. We do not know for sure that it is correct or false – though we do have good reasons to think it is true.

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Trains [en]

E-pinions [en]

Damn it!
I’ve started writing epinions. The web is a great bottomless well. Time to pull the plug for a little while!

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Allo.ch: téléphonie fixe et mobile [en]

Pour tous les petits suisses qui aterrissent ici, n’oubliez pas l’incontournable allo.ch pour toute information sur la phone folie.

Comparatifs entre les opérateurs, tarifs détaillés, forum et bulletin d’informations.
Choisissez informés!

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Nice [en]

Just in case you haven’t explored more after my last post, go and have a peek at waferbaby’s brainstorm. He’s got a really cool concept there: ask a question, let people reply by email, and publish the answers.

I’m very tempted to steal ; )

Here’s a simple design, how I like them: Davezilla.

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Pet Peeves [en]

HTMLHell [en]

Here is some reading for you: I just discovered Zeldman’s HTMHell column on web design.

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Why Bloggers Blog [en]