MindMeister: Google Docs-Style Mind Mapping [en]

[fr] MindMeister est un logiciel de mind-mapping (comme FreeMind ou Mind Manager) en ligne, à la Google Docs. J'ai des invitations si vous désirez essayer. On peut collaborer sur des documents à plusieurs et les publier sur le web.

A quickie before I head out to write more hopefully useful stuff for teenagers: my friend [Gabriel](http://iblog.ch) sent me an invitation to [MindMeister](http://www.mindmeister.com/), an [online mind-mapping service](http://www.mindmeister.com/home/about). Actually, I almost spammed it, but luckily had a closer look just in time.

Sign up is nice and easy, I was able to import a mindmap from [Freemind](http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page) in three effortless clicks, and the whole interface is very Google Docs-like. If you like Google Docs and have use for mind mapping (you should!), then you’ll probably like MindMeister. It’s still a little green, of course, but trust me — this is screaming for an acquisition 🙂

You can of course collaborate on mind maps and share them with the public (I just did that with the [very ugly brainstorming](http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=ddcrwvm8_16d3fhsz) related to [my reboot talk proposal](http://www.reboot.dk/artefact-773-en.html)). They autosave, so you don’t have to worry about losing your work (like I almost did — [again!](http://twitter.com/stephtara/statuses/9602221) — with this blog post). You can also [export to Mind Manager or FreeMind](http://mindmeister.com/home/show_news/5), of course (guys, you need to make your permalinks more visible in the blog; I had to go through the RSS feed to find that one).

Interested? It’s a closed beta, but I have invites. Just ask!

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Software: FreeMind [en]

Trying out FreeMind, mind-mapping software that runs on OSX (and other operating systems).

[fr] Je suis en train d'utiliser FreeMind, un logiciel gratuit de "mind-mapping" (comme MindManager) qui tourne sous OSX. J'y ai mis ma liste de choses à faire, et c'est bien mieux que dans iCal.

The less I post, the less I post. One reason being that there would be a ton of things I could talk about, but I don’t want to discuss here. Another being that my hands hurt. But the most important one is that as I don’t write much these days, the things I actually do publish had better be overly important and overly interesting.

So, to hell with that. I’ll lower my interestingness expectations.

I’ve just been trying out FreeMind, a free mind-mapping application that runs under OSX, Windows, and Linux. Following Suw‘s advice, I’m using it to keep track of things I must do. I’m not certain it will replace my fun to-do list, but it sure beats iCal’s To Dos.

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