LeWeb'12 Official Blogger Coverage [en]

[fr] Les articles publiés par les blogueurs officiels à Paris, LeWeb'12.

I’m collecting photos, posts, videos and the like produced by the official bloggers during LeWeb’12 Paris. You can follow the conference live online if you’re not here in Paris with us.

The storify below is a work in progress. Check back regularly!

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LeWeb’12 Official Blogger coverage

This is not really a story because I’m dumping articles, videos, and photos in here as I manage to lay my hands on them. This should, however, be representative of the kind of long-lasting coverage Official Bloggers provide at the LeWeb’12 conference in Paris.

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Benjamin Cichy (NASA): ‘Ontdekken zit in onze natuur’ [leweb] | Wilbert KramerWat heeft Mars te maken met de ‘Internet of Things’? We wisten vroeger niet zoveel over Mars. We dachten dat Mars net was als de aarde. Toen kwam de ‘space age’: de vraag ‘is er leven op Mars?’ kwam op. De eerste twaalf missies naar Mars zijn mislukt.
LeWeb 12, The Internet of Things, or life really | Arne HulsteinAs most of you will know by now, I am currently in Paris at LeWeb. Interestingly enough, I have been at main stage for about an hour and a half now, and I have just been listening breathlessly. There have been some great speakers and some great subjects.
LeWeb 12: NASA and Mars | Licence to RoamLIVEBLOGGED = there will be mistakes Benjamin Cichy, Chief Software Engineer, NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory, Jet Propulsion Laboratory Talking about Mars. For years we knew little. It could be like earth. It had seasons, polar ice caps, had winters and summers. It could have had a rainy season.
LeWeb 2012: Tony Fadell (Nest Labs) en Xavier Niel (Iliad Group)LeWeb 2012: Tony Fadell (Nest Labs) en Xavier Niel (Iliad Group) Geplaatst op 4 december 2012 door Jeroen in Internet, Internet of things Na de officiële opening door Geraldine en Loic Le Meur wordt LeWeb 2012 afgetrapt met een gesprek met Tony Fadell, CEO en co-founder van Nest: een slimme thermostaat.
LeWeb 2012: Apparaten aansturen met je hersenen – Ariel Garten (Interaxon)LeWeb 2012: Apparaten aansturen met je hersenen – Ariel Garten (Interaxon) Geplaatst op 4 december 2012 door Jeroen in Internet, Internet of things Arial Garten is CEO van Interaxon, een bedrijf gericht op "thought controle computing". Thought controle computing is het aansturen van apparaten door je gedachten aan uit te lezen.
La competencia de Startup de #LeWeb12 ya inició | Valeria LandivarLos invito a seguir en vivo la competencia de Startup que acaba de iniciar en el Salón PlenaryII en LeWeb.
Descubre las 16 semifinalistas de la competencia de Startup de #LeWeb12 | Valeria LandivarComo cada año LeWeb organiza la gran competencia de Startup, la participación es gratuita y los 16 finalistas reciben dos entradas para asistir al evento y la invitación a tener un espacio en uno de los salones de LeWeb y así poder presentar a los participantes una demostración de sus productos, lo que les da una gran visibilidad ya que no solo periodistas de todo el mundo participan en este evento sino también grandes inversionistas.
¿No pudiste ir a Paris? #Leweb12 será transmitido en vivo en Youtube | Valeria LandivarSi quieres disfrutar de este evento en vivo, es posible de seguirlo gracias al canal que los organizadores han creado en Youtube: youtube.com/user/leweb Si quieres participar a la conversación puedes hacerlo en Twitter con el Hashtag #LeWeb12 y visitando la pagina oficial en Facebook y Google+
Loic y Geraldine marcaron la apertura de #LeWeb12 | Valeria LandivarLoic y Geraldine son las dos personas que lideran el gran equipo que organiza LeWeb’12 Loic inicio dando la bienvenida a todos y explicando las maravillas que la gente ha creado para conectar nuestro mundo real con el mundo virtual. El hablo sobre los productos que estaremos viendo este año de la mano de empresas innovadoras que subirán al escenario.
Opening Le Web ’12: "Internet of Things gaat verder dan je smartphone" | Wilbert Kramer"De Internet of Things gaat verder dan jouw smartphone.", aldus Loïc. Drones, de FitBit (moderne stappenteller), Withings (een weegschaal met Wifi) en de headband van Interaxon (gedachten lezen), die vandaag geintroduceerd wordt. Dat belooft wat! This entry was posted in Le Web ’12 by Wilbert Kramer. Bookmark the permalink.
LeWeb 2012: Tony Fadell (Nest Labs) en Xavier Niel (Iliad Group)LeWeb 2012: Tony Fadell (Nest Labs) en Xavier Niel (Iliad Group) Geplaatst op 4 december 2012 door Jeroen in Internet, Internet of things Na de officiële opening door Geraldine en Loic Le Meur wordt LeWeb 2012 afgetrapt met een gesprek met Tony Fadell, CEO en co-founder van Nest: een slimme thermostaat.
LeWeb Paris 2012 Unofficial Official Blogger Partyjvthekke
LeWebLeWeb Paris 2012: behind the scenes tour en blogger party Geplaatst op 4 december 2012 door Jeroen in Internet Morgen is de eerste dag van LeWeb 2012 in Parijs. Na LeWeb London, ben ik dit jaar ook in Parijs geselecteerd als "Official Blogger".
Marie Pourreyron’s photos on Google+LeWeb (12 photos)
Here at #leweb with @loic kicking off talking about the "Internet of Things" #ob http://instagr.am/p/SzxJhiSrT9/ Chris Heuer
Чем заняться Лайфхакеру в ПарижеЧем заняться Лайфхакеру в Париже 4-го по 6-е декабря в Париже пройдёт крупнейшая европейская интернет-конференция LeWeb 2012, и Lifehacke…
LeWeb’12 Behind the Scenes for Official Bloggers | Climb to the StarsVisite derrière la scène pour les blogueurs officiels. [en] So, the spirit for me this year is "more posts, less blabla" – keep the long …
Content from LeWeb’12 Behind the ScenesSets let you organize your photos on Flickr. Explore the 25 photos in this set.
Follow the official bloggers on Twitter, and see who they are!
@anca_foster/LeWeb_Paris12 on TwitterInstantly connect to what’s most important to you. Follow your friends, experts, favorite celebrities, and breaking news.
@tixx/LeWeb12 Bloggers on TwitterInstantly connect to what’s most important to you. Follow your friends, experts, favorite celebrities, and breaking news.
@ramonsuarez/LeWeb12-bloggers on TwitterInstantly connect to what’s most important to you. Follow your friends, experts, favorite celebrities, and breaking news.
Official bloggers | LeWeb’12 Paris

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Here We Go Again [en]

[fr] Des nouvelles du front.

Here we go again. My last post dates back to November 19th. This would seem to say the after-effects of the Back to Blogging challenge were short-lived! Not quite, though, because I’m writing today, and nearly wrote Tuesday, and am still focused on writing shorter.

The week before last was module 2 of the course on social media and online communities that I direct at SAWI. That means 4 days in the classroom, although I’m not teaching all the time (about two-thirds of the time I’m watching somebody else teach, and learning stuff!), with a conference and networking event by Rezonance on the Thursday night. (Needless to say I had other stuff going on the other evenings.)

The module went great, I was very happy — and from what I heard the students were too — but it was utterly exhausting.

Early this week I finally managed to extract myself from the nightmare of dealing with IRCTC Customer “care”. This is the blog post I started writing, and might finish at some point. Endless to-and-fro e-mails, disastrous user experience, crappy website, ridiculous security rules… I’ll spare you the details for the moment. Weeks of frustration were suddenly solved when I accepted I would get nowhere through official channels. An Indian phone number from a friend in Delhi and a few confirmation codes by IM later, I was finally booking train tickets for my January holiday.

I’m heading to Paris tomorrow for LeWeb, like each year. I’m looking forward to it! Maybe tomorrow or later today I’ll write a post on how to pitch me (or how not to pitch me). Short version? Do your homework. Know that I’m not interested in breaking news. I like cool new toys but what is cool for you is not necessarily cool for me. The main thing that interest me? People. What I’ll do for a friend, I won’t for a stranger. My contact page is harsh, but still stands.

Other than that I’m having some drama with the cats and the concierge. Three cats in my building go out. Tounsi, Quintus, and my neighbour’s Salem. (All the others are indoor cats.) One or more cats are spraying in the corridor. We don’t know who it is. All three cats know how to sneak into the building in between somebody’s feet when they walk in. So there are regularly cats hanging out in the corridor. I clean any markings I find with water, but unfortunately they leave stains (attack the flooring?). So my concierge is asking me to “make an effort” but won’t tell me exactly which effort I’m supposed to make (yeah, prevent my cats from being in the corridor; I’m already doing that).


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LeWeb'12 Paris Official Bloggers: Selection Underway [en]

[fr] C'est le moment de vous porter candidat pour être blogueur officiel à la conférence LeWeb à Paris. Lisez l'annonce sur le blog de Frédéric.

LeWeb - Register Now!Here we go! Selection for official bloggerdom at LeWeb’12 in Paris (4-6 December 2012) is underway. Time to apply if you haven’t heard from us and think you would make a good addition to the team. Time, also, to pass this around to all the various international and “rising star” bloggers and podcasters around you!

Read the announcement on Arne’s blog.


Here’s a link to the form if you can’t see it above. Please tweet/facebook it.

Here are some banners and badges for your blog.

See you in Paris in December!

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Renault at LeWeb: Lovely Lounge and the Twizy Test Drive [en]

[fr] J'ai testé la Renault Twizy pour vous, très sympa! Vidéo bientôt, avec du français dedans 🙂

Update 14.12.2011: here’s the video, thanks so much to Charbax!

Remember last year? I fell in love with the Renault Twizy that was on display at LeWeb. Andrea had lent me his 7-14mm lens and I thought the playful electric car was a great subject.

LeWeb'10 First Day 20 - Renault Twizy

This year, we’re not just looking at a prototype. We’re looking at the real thing, and you can sign up for test drives at the Renault lounge (or try your luck dropping in). Here’s a little corner of their lounge, by the way, nice and cozy for a little sit-down before or after listening to what’s going on on the main stage.

Renault lounge at Le Web -- cozy!

And here’s the car on display:

Twizy Car at LeWeb'11.

So, I got to test drive the car this morning — thanks a lot to German for accompanying me there personally and taking the photos. (German manages blogger relations for Renault, official partner of LeWeb this year). Charbax was around too, and he shot a video of my test. It will be online soon! (Warning: mixture of French and English in the video ;-))

Twizy Test Drive 1060872.jpg

First thing, special seat-belt. In addition to the normal seat-belt, you get a second one on the other side. “So you don’t fall out,” said the kind guy helping me in. What I see first, though, having been in a couple of accidents (bumping into the car in front of me, don’t ask) is that at least with this set up I’ll get “straight” whiplash, and not the nasty twisty trauma that comes with the traditional seat-belt. But most probably, I won’t get into any accident with this lovely Twizy.

Twizy Test Drive 1060877.jpg

To start the car, press down on the brake pedal (and not the gas pedal as I embarrassingly did, yup, that’s me realizing what I’d done, below), and turn the key. You don’t hear anything, but the engine is on.

Twizy Test Drive at LeWeb

And off we go! It’s fun to drive. You can actually accelerate!

Twizy Test Drive 1060890.jpg

Twizy Test Drive 1060887.jpg

Photos are a bit blurry? That’s because I was moving fast. The guy on the left told me to slow down, oopsie 🙂

Twizy Test Drive 1060886.jpg

Already over, but I enjoyed myself!

Twizy Test Drive 1060893.jpg

Twizy Test Drive 1060895.jpg

Thanks a lot for the drive! I think that if I have a car again someday, it will look more like this one than like those I’ve had in the past.

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LeWeb'11 Is Underway [en]

[fr] LeWeb, édition 2011!

I would not be doing my job if I didn’t drop you a note to tell you I’m at LeWeb. But you know that, don’t you?

The conference is well underway, and I’d like to invite you to keep up with what’s going on through the Nespresso Lounge, a collection of Twitter activity of speakers, participants, official bloggers, startups, and general chatter about #leweb, and the posts a bunch of the official bloggers are producing during the conference.

If you’re wishing you were there, pick up the live video feed and pretend you’re in Paris!

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Recommend Bloggers (and Podcasters!) for LeWeb'11 Accreditation [en]

This year again, I’ll be overseeing blogger accreditations for LeWeb — but I won’t be alone. Frédéric de Villamil and Arne Hulstein have agreed to jump on board and help me with the selection process. A big thanks to both of them, we are now a team!

By the way, did you know that LeWeb is now a 3-day conference? It will take place on December 7-8-9th 2011 in Paris, and the theme this year is SOLOMO, Social-Local-Mobile. If you’re not eligible for a blogger accreditation and thinking of attending, get your ticket before September 30th to take advantage of the summer offer and get over 800€ off the full ticket price! (There are also special prices for students, freelance developers, and startups — check the bottom of the registration page.)

The process is pretty much the same as last year:

  • first, we’re asking for recommendations (particularly of bloggers or podcasters we might not know about, and from language groups we’re less familiar with)
  • second, in September, we’ll allow any blogger or podcaster to apply for accreditation through a separate form.

As much as possible, we’ll be dealing with submissions as they come in — but do give us some time to process them. Each blogger or podcaster we select based on your recommendation will be contacted directly (we’re aware they might not have heard of LeWeb or know that they were recommended!)

A reminder of what is expected of official bloggers, and the kind of profile we’re looking for. They should:

  • have a passion for content and reporting
  • commit to attending and covering the conference (it’s in English!)
  • have significant reach and influence inside their community.

Of course, they also need to have a proper, publicly accessible, established blog or podcast (that is theirs or at the very least, that they contribute to regularly). Having a huge number of followers on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ is great, but doesn’t make you a blogger. Just like having a huge rolodex doesn’t make you a journalist. (Check out Live-Blogging vs. Live-Tweeting at Conferences.)

Although the accreditation allows to attend the conference for free, we cannot cover expenses.

A note about the recommendation form: this is not a popularity contest. Please do not ask your friends to nominate you (some of you did so, last year). We don’t care how many times a name is mentioned. It just gives us more (annoying) work to have to go through 20 submissions of the same name. You’ll be able to apply for an accreditation directly in September. Our objective here is to:

  • discover important bloggers/podcasters we might not know of
  • make sure we do not miss anybody we absolutely should be inviting.

There, now that all this is said, here we go!


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LeWeb'10, ça démarre! [fr]

[en] LeWeb'10 has started! Links to follow the conference online.

Eh ben, on pourra dire que les dernières semaines n’auront pas été de tout repos. Un deuxième dan de judo, le module 2 de la formation SAWI que je co-dirige, et LeWeb’10.

LeWeb’10, c’est près de 3000 personnes qui se retrouvent à Paris pour deux jours de conférences: plus d’une centaine d’orateurs, des dizaines de pays représentés, du contenu et des activités diverses qui satisferont les participants quels que soient leurs besoins. Mais surtout, surtout, du réseautage du tonnerre: tous les grands noms sont ici, et l’ambiance un peu “américaine” (vu d’Europe) rend les contacts faciles.

Mon rôle dans tout ça: gérer l’attribution des accréditations pour les blogueurs officiels. Un sacré boulot, sur les détails duquel je reviendrai dans un billet ultérieur.

Quelques photos pour commencer: #yulbizpar (rencontre de blogueurs d’inspiration Montréalaise), visite derrière la scène des Docks avec les blogueurs officiels (ils ont clairement bossé toute la nuit pour préparer l’endroit!), et l’album d’Egobox (sur Facebook) montrant nos délires photographiques lors de la Blogger Party au Six-Huit hier soir.

Plus à venir (on parle maintenant de voitures et de l’avenir de l’automobile — le hack “iPad comme auto-radio”, j’adore), tant côté photos que contenu.

Pour voir ce qui s’écrit en ce moment au sujet de la conférence:

Enjoy, que vous soyez sur place ou bien en train de suivre à distance!

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Quick LeWeb'10 News, and IceRocket [en]

[fr] LeWeb'10? C'est le dernier moment pour demander une accréditation blogueur officiel (lisez un peu la littérature avant de le faire, cependant, pour être au fait de nos attentes). Inscrivez-vous à la blogger boat party organisée par Frédéric et Damien, regardez le programme (en ligne aux yeux de tous), taguez vos articles "leweb10" et pinguez IceRocket. Pour les détails, lire la version anglaise de cet article!

So, what’s up with LeWeb’10?

You have until Friday to send in your application if you would like us to consider you for official blogger accreditation. A little recommended background reading before you apply, though: the kind of profile we look for in official bloggers, what bloggers do at conferences, live-blogging vs. live-tweeting (and why we prefer the former), the guidelines introducting the application form. (If you applied before yesterday, your application has already been processed and you have been sent an e-mail — in any case. Check your spam folder if you haven’t heard from us.)

Frédéric and Damien are (like last year!) organizing a cool Blogger Party (on a boat!) for official bloggers and others. Number of attendees is limited to keep the party cozy, so don’t delay signing up for it if you want to be able to come.

LeWeb’10 programme is out! The first thing I noticed when reading through the programme is that we’ll be hearing Bertrand Piccard, that I coincidentally blogged about the other day on the Ebookers.ch travel blog. I’ve heard him speak in French, and he’s a great speaker — look forward to hearing from him again. There are of course many other exciting speakers, but he’s the one that jumped out at me.

You might remember that last month, I was musing on tags and the demise of Technorati. Today, I caught myself thinking what a shame it was that there wasn’t one central place where all bloggers present at LeWeb’10 (official or otherwise) could see their posts aggregated during the conference. Well, actually, there is one: IceRocket. So, tag your posts with “leweb10” and ping IceRocket, and we’ll start building a nice collection of posts on the leweb10 tag page. Official blogger posts will be aggregated on the conference site itself in addition to that.

Now I just need to figure out why IceRocket isn’t indexing my blog.

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Blogger Accreditation for LeWeb'10: You Have One Week Left [en]

[fr] Si vous connaissez de bons blogueurs ou podcasteurs (surtout s'ils utilisent une langue autre que le français ou l'anglais) qui désireraient demander une accréditation pour venir couvrir la conférence LeWeb'10 à Paris en décembre, rendez-les attentif qu'il leur reste une semaine pour faire leur demande.

Hallo, good folks and bloggers and podcasters from all over the world.

This is just a heads-up that you have one week left (until November 5) if you would like to apply for accreditation as a blogger to cover the biggest european tech conference: LeWeb’10 in Paris, December 8-9th.

If you know any good bloggers (especially the kind who blog in languages other than English and French, or who come from little-represented countries), pass the word along to them!

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LeWeb'10: Applying For an Official Blogger Accreditation [en]

[fr] Le formulaire pour demander une accréditation de blogueur officiel pour LeWeb'10 est maintenant en ligne.

You’ve been waiting long enough, and I think you for your patience. The form through which you can apply for a LeWeb’10 official blogger accreditation is now up.

Update: form is long closed, LeWeb’10 is behind us!

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