Job Offer: Chief Architect, coComment [en]

[fr] On embauche chez coComment! Architecte en chef recherché.

I’ve dropped hints with a few people that there were exciting things to come within coComment. There is still much we cannot say, but here’s a fist tidbit (and not the least): we’re hiring.

We are looking for an individual with skills in product design, familiar with the blogging/commenting space from both a technical and user community perspective. Fluent in English and at least one other European language.

Your remit will be to work closely with the Marketing and Technology teams to formulate and lead the development of CoComment.

You will need to be flexbile, fast thinking, passionate about the blogging/commenting space and with the ability to take creative thought and turn it into deliverable product.

In return, CoComment offers a creative, supportive and fast-moving environment, the opportunity to join a rapidly growing company and equity incentives.

Please email matt at cocomment dot com with covering letter and CV, detailing current and expected remuneration.

As a personal note, I’d like to add that there are chances I’ll be reporting to the Chief Architect. It’s of course not yet 100% certain as there are many unknowns, but here I am, probably posting the ad for my future boss’s position…

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I'm Working for coComment [en]

A couple of months back, I told you the story about [my early involvement]( in the birth of [coComment]( A few weeks, ago, Nicolas asked me if I would like to be part of the team, and [I happily accepted](

My role, broadly, falls in the category of evangelism and communication (external and internal), and it’s in part what I was doing after the launch, before school and [computer]( [problems]( took over: read [what is said about coComment in the blogosphere](, comment and react when it’s needed or helpful, be active in the [forums](, bring back to the team feedback and ideas (found out there or somewhere deep in my mind) — in short, be a fussy but enthusiastic and vocal user.

Being part of the team now, I’ll be posting in the [coComment Team Blog](, which I have to say really needs to be more active. I will also be facilitating internal communication between the various team members.

My hope in taking up this job is to help make coComment into a tool which addresses users’ needs. I think it’s a great tool, and has a lot of potential. As I tell my clients, blogging and being an active player in the blogosphere takes up time. The dev team can’t spend all their time developing stuff *and* do the communication as well. That’s where I come in.

Working for coComment has a feel of adventure for me. First of all, I’m actually going to be paid to do what I like doing (be a pain in the neck and throw ideas all over the place). Second, this is the first time for me that work and blogosphere collide. My previous jobs have had nothing to do with the blogosphere, and I’ve never blogged much about my work.

I’m going to experience what it is to be caught between the desire to be transparent, and the fact that in business you cannot always say everything. I’ll probably have more to say about this in the coming weeks!

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