Grimm [en]

Good news to all of you who participated in the first grimm… it’s up!
the white carnation

If you’re interested in participating in the next Tara-edited grimm, just drop me a line!

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FSU [en]

OK, you’re warned. Do not visit waferbaby’s latest creation. If you’re a coder, you’ll stay stuck in there.

No… don’t.

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Crap Cat [en]

So, if you want an demonstration of my artistic skills, go an see my crap cat picture! I’ve already warned you time and time again I couldn’t draw… so there!

And while you’re at it, why not submit your own crap cat to shauna?

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Fun! [en]

We knew fusion had editors. Now grimm has too!
Introducing yours truly, grimm editor.

This is how it works. I write the beginning of a story, send it to somebody, who writes the next bit and sends it back. Then I take the last snippet of the story, and send it to somebody else. Ten people total.

Then we stick the story together, and publish at waferbaby.

Important! If you register at waferbaby, you go into daniel’s pool of people, not mine. Daniel is like my “boss” for this thing, and I have to find my own “players”.
So if you like writing, just come on and join the fun by sending me an email!

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TV Cereal [en]

Talking of my TV viewings in India (on the newly created DALnet channel #waferbaby), I remembered a few dreadful typos we came upon in the Asian Age TV program (the newspaper Somak said was so dreadful that one day he would see on the front cover “Gandhi shot dead!”).

  • Water Rates (not “Rats”)
  • Walker, Taxes Ranger (not “Texas”)
  • The worlds widest police chases (not “wildest”)

Do you have any fun typos for us?

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Search Requests [en]

When I look at my referrer logs, I’m often surprised at the number of people who land on my logbook by making Google searches.
Some people search for glass bangles. Others for madam tulsi. Others type sari wearing, ywca new+delhi india, or khoobsurat lyrics.

Nothing very funny up till now, you’ll say.

I kept the best for last.
Just minutes ago, somebody had landed on this page by searching wet sari sex.
Here is the exerpt from my page:

TaraStar – Logbook : Adventures in India (Danielle)
… had many occasions to interact with the opposite sex). … that I had made a terrible mistake. The wet sari and petticoat were catching on my legs, and the …

You’ll have to admit it is a trifle misleading.
I hope that I haven’t been rated as “adult content” – though that might get me a few extra hits… hehee…

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