Technorati One Billion Links [en]

[fr] Quand est-ce que Technorati atteindra 1'000'000'000 de liens indexés? Dans 48 environ 24 heures, d'après moi.

Well, here is my guess (I’ll tell you later how I reached it): roughly two days from now, which means March 31st, 23:36 San Fransisco time.

Update, 09:52 Of course, I messed up in my calculations. Instead of taking two days from my first measurement, I took two days from now — so actually, if I had thought a bit, my entry would have said March 31st, 01:36… Too bad! Will teach me to post in a hurry 😉

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Citations du jour [fr]

Cela fait quelques jours que je voulais partager avec vous un e-mail et un commentaire qui m’ont laissée songeuse.

[en] Inbox and comment fun. An e-mail asking if I'm interesting in taking some pretty weird photos, and a comment on my skyblog which is so much what one would expect there that it looks like a spoof.

De temps en temps, on reçoit des commentaires ou des e-mails amusants. En voici deux récents qui m’ont laissée songeuse.

Tout d’abord, dans mes e-mails:

Spécial, non?

Ensuite, un commentaire sur mon skyblog, tellement caricatural que je me demande si c’est pas un faux:

il est tt pouris ton skyblog j pref grv tro le mien ke le tien toi c mm pa un skyblog aller salut . j me casse j reste pa ici c tt pouri

Sur ce, je vous souhaite une bonne journée!

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Chosen Spam Tidbits [en]

Some fun things spammers tried to leave in my comments.

[fr] Quelques commentaires, drôles à  mon goût, que les spammeurs ont tenté de laisser sur ce blog.

Now that Spam Karma has been efficiently killing nearly 600 spams during the last 48 hours, here are a few chosen tidbits from the deletion log.

Your website is beautifully decorated and easily navigated. I have enjoyed visiting this site today and hope to visit many more times in the future.
Easily navigated! Wow. Now that exceeds my expectations. I’m not certain I want you to visit many more times in future, though.
Thank you for opening a wonderfully new sight..I wish you the best of luck with your new venture.
Er… thanks to you!
Good morning, I am new to this site. I have just learned about this site. I am going to read on and it’s very interesting to know
Yes, I’m very glad to know that!
I put my step in to your guestbook like I always.
Hope you didn’t break anything there.
I found your website after I have been surfing the internet to be useful.
That sounds like a great way to make oneself useful.
Just stopped by to visit and got the crunch on your stuff in here – bravo!
Did it taste nice?

Which one do you prefer? If you got fun spam lines too, post them in the comments.

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Humour enseignant [fr]

Les enseignants comprendront. Petit gag tiré d’un échange véritable.

[en] A teacher's joke about what I'm reading now with my pupils.

Terrorisme [en]

Paris, 15h03: un belge a écrasé son delta-plane contre la Tour Eiffel; l’attentat a fait un mort.

Dépêche volée sur #suisse DALnet – merci Arzatoth!

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Press Release [en]

Funny [en]

If you have a cat (even if you don’t), you’ll probably appreciate this Mapping of a Cat’s Brain. Bagha fits the portrait perfectly.

I first saw this brain map in India. There is a similar one for the dog – but unfortunately I was unable to find it online. Side-by-side, they’re hilarious, trust me!

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