Flock Sync Issue Solved! [en]

[fr] Problème de synchro de bookmarks avec Flock réglé!

Yay! The really [exasperating](http://twitter.com/stephtara/statuses/1711993) behavior Flock was putting up by [refusing to sync my favorites unless I restarted the browser](http://steph.wordpress.com/2006/12/13/when-does-flock-synchronize-my-favorites/) has now come to an end.

It seems that a file named flock_fq_default_in.rdf (in Library, Flock stuff, profile, you’ll find it if you need to) was corrupted. So I shut down Flock a couple of times, made sure my bookmarks were in sync, and deleted the file.

Now everything seems to be running smoothly! Thanks to [Mike](http://flock.com/about/5545) for being my liaison in the resolution of this problem — and for the information to drop into the offices [when I’m in San Francisco](http://climbtothestars.org/archives/2006/12/29/usa-coming-soon-san-francisco/). I might very well do so!

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