LeWeb'12 Official Blogger Coverage [en]

[fr] Les articles publiés par les blogueurs officiels à Paris, LeWeb'12.

I’m collecting photos, posts, videos and the like produced by the official bloggers during LeWeb’12 Paris. You can follow the conference live online if you’re not here in Paris with us.

The storify below is a work in progress. Check back regularly!

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LeWeb’12 Official Blogger coverage

This is not really a story because I’m dumping articles, videos, and photos in here as I manage to lay my hands on them. This should, however, be representative of the kind of long-lasting coverage Official Bloggers provide at the LeWeb’12 conference in Paris.

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Benjamin Cichy (NASA): ‘Ontdekken zit in onze natuur’ [leweb] | Wilbert KramerWat heeft Mars te maken met de ‘Internet of Things’? We wisten vroeger niet zoveel over Mars. We dachten dat Mars net was als de aarde. Toen kwam de ‘space age’: de vraag ‘is er leven op Mars?’ kwam op. De eerste twaalf missies naar Mars zijn mislukt.
LeWeb 12, The Internet of Things, or life really | Arne HulsteinAs most of you will know by now, I am currently in Paris at LeWeb. Interestingly enough, I have been at main stage for about an hour and a half now, and I have just been listening breathlessly. There have been some great speakers and some great subjects.
LeWeb 12: NASA and Mars | Licence to RoamLIVEBLOGGED = there will be mistakes Benjamin Cichy, Chief Software Engineer, NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory, Jet Propulsion Laboratory Talking about Mars. For years we knew little. It could be like earth. It had seasons, polar ice caps, had winters and summers. It could have had a rainy season.
LeWeb 2012: Tony Fadell (Nest Labs) en Xavier Niel (Iliad Group)LeWeb 2012: Tony Fadell (Nest Labs) en Xavier Niel (Iliad Group) Geplaatst op 4 december 2012 door Jeroen in Internet, Internet of things Na de officiële opening door Geraldine en Loic Le Meur wordt LeWeb 2012 afgetrapt met een gesprek met Tony Fadell, CEO en co-founder van Nest: een slimme thermostaat.
LeWeb 2012: Apparaten aansturen met je hersenen – Ariel Garten (Interaxon)LeWeb 2012: Apparaten aansturen met je hersenen – Ariel Garten (Interaxon) Geplaatst op 4 december 2012 door Jeroen in Internet, Internet of things Arial Garten is CEO van Interaxon, een bedrijf gericht op "thought controle computing". Thought controle computing is het aansturen van apparaten door je gedachten aan uit te lezen.
La competencia de Startup de #LeWeb12 ya inició | Valeria LandivarLos invito a seguir en vivo la competencia de Startup que acaba de iniciar en el Salón PlenaryII en LeWeb.
Descubre las 16 semifinalistas de la competencia de Startup de #LeWeb12 | Valeria LandivarComo cada año LeWeb organiza la gran competencia de Startup, la participación es gratuita y los 16 finalistas reciben dos entradas para asistir al evento y la invitación a tener un espacio en uno de los salones de LeWeb y así poder presentar a los participantes una demostración de sus productos, lo que les da una gran visibilidad ya que no solo periodistas de todo el mundo participan en este evento sino también grandes inversionistas.
¿No pudiste ir a Paris? #Leweb12 será transmitido en vivo en Youtube | Valeria LandivarSi quieres disfrutar de este evento en vivo, es posible de seguirlo gracias al canal que los organizadores han creado en Youtube: youtube.com/user/leweb Si quieres participar a la conversación puedes hacerlo en Twitter con el Hashtag #LeWeb12 y visitando la pagina oficial en Facebook y Google+
Loic y Geraldine marcaron la apertura de #LeWeb12 | Valeria LandivarLoic y Geraldine son las dos personas que lideran el gran equipo que organiza LeWeb’12 Loic inicio dando la bienvenida a todos y explicando las maravillas que la gente ha creado para conectar nuestro mundo real con el mundo virtual. El hablo sobre los productos que estaremos viendo este año de la mano de empresas innovadoras que subirán al escenario.
Opening Le Web ’12: "Internet of Things gaat verder dan je smartphone" | Wilbert Kramer"De Internet of Things gaat verder dan jouw smartphone.", aldus Loïc. Drones, de FitBit (moderne stappenteller), Withings (een weegschaal met Wifi) en de headband van Interaxon (gedachten lezen), die vandaag geintroduceerd wordt. Dat belooft wat! This entry was posted in Le Web ’12 by Wilbert Kramer. Bookmark the permalink.
LeWeb 2012: Tony Fadell (Nest Labs) en Xavier Niel (Iliad Group)LeWeb 2012: Tony Fadell (Nest Labs) en Xavier Niel (Iliad Group) Geplaatst op 4 december 2012 door Jeroen in Internet, Internet of things Na de officiële opening door Geraldine en Loic Le Meur wordt LeWeb 2012 afgetrapt met een gesprek met Tony Fadell, CEO en co-founder van Nest: een slimme thermostaat.
LeWeb Paris 2012 Unofficial Official Blogger Partyjvthekke
LeWebLeWeb Paris 2012: behind the scenes tour en blogger party Geplaatst op 4 december 2012 door Jeroen in Internet Morgen is de eerste dag van LeWeb 2012 in Parijs. Na LeWeb London, ben ik dit jaar ook in Parijs geselecteerd als "Official Blogger".
Marie Pourreyron’s photos on Google+LeWeb (12 photos)
Here at #leweb with @loic kicking off talking about the "Internet of Things" #ob http://instagr.am/p/SzxJhiSrT9/ Chris Heuer
Чем заняться Лайфхакеру в ПарижеЧем заняться Лайфхакеру в Париже 4-го по 6-е декабря в Париже пройдёт крупнейшая европейская интернет-конференция LeWeb 2012, и Lifehacke…
LeWeb’12 Behind the Scenes for Official Bloggers | Climb to the StarsVisite derrière la scène pour les blogueurs officiels. [en] So, the spirit for me this year is "more posts, less blabla" – keep the long …
Content from LeWeb’12 Behind the ScenesSets let you organize your photos on Flickr. Explore the 25 photos in this set.
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@ramonsuarez/LeWeb12-bloggers on TwitterInstantly connect to what’s most important to you. Follow your friends, experts, favorite celebrities, and breaking news.
Official bloggers | LeWeb’12 Paris

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Live-Blogging vs. Live-Tweeting at Conferences [en]

[fr] Live-tweeter une conférence, c'est l'équivalent d'être actif dans le backchannel IRC de la belle époque des conférences de blogs. Il n'y a rien de mal à ça, mais il ne faut pas confondre ça avec le live-blogging: en effet, passés quelques jours, semaines, mois ou même années, qui va replonger son nez dans le fouillis des tweets ou des logs IRC de telle ou telle journée? Comparez ça avec un article sur un blog, qui sera lu, relu, et encore relu -- qui conserve donc sa valeur une fois que l'excitation du temps réel est passée.

One of the things bloggers brought with them when they started attending conferences is live coverage. Unlike the traditional press, which would provide you with a summary of the proceedings the next day, bloggers would be madly photographing, taking notes, uploading, and hitting publish in the minutes following the end of a presentation.

Live-blogging was born.

(For my personal history with it, see my BlogTalk 2.0 posts (2004) about collaborative note-taking using SubEthaEdit and a wiki, and my notes of LIFT06 (2006). Real proper live-blogging had to wait until LIFT’07 and Martin Roell’s workshop on getting started with consulting (2007), however.)

Then Twitter showed up, and everybody started a-tweeting, and more particularly live-tweeting during conferences.

But live-tweeting does not replace live-blogging. It replaces the IRC backchannel, allowing people to comment on what is going on as it happens, and letting people who are not physically present take part in the fun.

(I’m not going to talk about backchannels here: they’re great, but can also have unpleasant consequences in certain situations. A whole series of blog posts could be devoted to them.)

So when bloggers at conferences neglect their blogs and spend all their time live-tweeting, they are in fact fooling around in the backchannel instead of doing what bloggers do, which is produce content which retains value months, sometimes years, after it was published.

Don’t get me wrong: live-tweeting is fine, so is participation in a more traditional IRC-based backchannel. But don’t confuse it with live-blogging.

Tweets of the moment, just like IRC conversations, tend to be great when consumed in real time. But as the days and weeks go by, they become just as pleasant to read as an IRC log. (Understand: not pleasant at all.)

So, dear bloggers, when you’re at a conference to provide coverage, do not forget who you are. Not everybody is a live-blogger, of course, and some produce very valuable writing about an event they attended once they are home and have allowed the dust to settle.

But tweeting does not replace blogging.

Do you think I got my point across, now? 😉

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Time to Sign Up for Going Solo [en]

[fr] Ça va commencer à être le dernier moment de vous inscrire pour Going Solo, si vous voulez profiter du prix de lancement. Aussi le dernier moment pour en parler autour de vous! C'est possible d'acheter des billets plus tard, bien sûr (et ça fera plus de sous pour l'événement si vous vous enregistrez plus tard) -- mais bon, ce serait dommage de laisser passer le délai.

Je ne serai pas dans le coin pour vous le rappeler à nouveau (serai offline jusqu'à la fin du week-end), donc c'est maintenant entre vos mains. Si vous connaissez des communautés de freelancers qui peuvent être intéressées par l'info, ne vous gênez pas pour la communiquer plus loin. Il y a quelques bons articles en français couvrant Going Solo -- fouillez dans ma collection de liens ou bien sur Wikio.

…and [plug it](http://going-solo.net/support). Earlier Bird prices (300CHF) [end this week-end](http://going-solo.net/2008/02/14/only-a-few-more-earlier-bird-days-left/), I wouldn’t want you or your readers to miss them (well, I’ll get more $$ for the event if you [register](http://going-solo.net/registration/) after the deadline, but I’m thinking of you too, see).

I’m really happy about how this is going. Much [coverage](http://del.icio.us/steph/coverage+goingsolo) (in four languages so far! want to add yours?) and a very encouraging number of registrations.

I’m going to be offline from tonight to the end of this week-end, so I won’t be around to remind you that time is slipping away. It’s in your hands now! If you know of any freelancer community who might be interested in the news, *please* pass it on to them. I’ve spent my last three days actively promoting Going Solo all over the place (I should write a blog post about it, because I think it’s an interesting case study on how to do the whole “social media” stuff right — at least, I hope I’m doing it right!) and I’m just “out”.

Next thing I need to concentrate on is polishing up a press and partner package (pretty PDF with all the relevant information neatly tied up together). Next week, when I come back.

I’m now wondering why I’m posting this on CTTS rather than the [Going Solo blog](http://going-solo.net) — I should probably cross-post it later. Opinions on that welcome. (I’m again stuck in a “where do I blog this?” phase).

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Reboot9 Was Bub.blicio.us! [en]

[fr] J'ai écrit une série de trois articles au sujet de la conférence Reboot pour le magazine en ligne bub.blicio.us, qui couvre la scène "tech" de San Francisco et de la Silicon Valley -- et maintenant, aussi, l'Europe!

Les articles sont composés principalement de photos avec quelques commentaires. N'hésitez donc pas à aller y jeter un coup d'oeil même si l'anglais n'est pas votre langue préférée.

I’ve written a three-part series about [the great Reboot 9.0 conference I attended in Copenhagen](http://reboot.dk) a couple of months ago for [bub.blicio.us](http://bub.blicio.us). bub.blicio.us? From [their about page](http://bub.blicio.us/?page_id=2):

> bub.blicio.us is here to help capture the excitement behind everything two point oh – especially the party and event scenes in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. No panels, no keynotes, no tradeshows, just a lens into the social scene that’s energizing and shaping Bubble 2.0 and the new Valley economy behind it.

> Keep us on your party list. Let us know about your events. Send us the things we just won’t see on upcoming.org. We might just send someone out there to cover the soiree.

So, now that all the articles are online — full of photos! photos, photos, more photos! — let me point you to them:

– [Reboot Part I – Even Europe is bub.blicio.us](http://bub.blicio.us/?p=201)
– [Reboot Part II](http://bub.blicio.us/?p=226)
– [Reboot9 Part III](http://bub.blicio.us/?p=294)

Reboot9 Second Day 12

As a reminder (so that this can serve as a general wrap-up post), I also did my best to liveblog most of the sessions I attended:

– [Opening Talk](http://climbtothestars.org/archives/2007/05/31/reboot9-opening-talk/)
– [Jeremy Keith: Soul](http://climbtothestars.org/archives/2007/05/31/reboot9-jeremy-keith-soul/)
– [Alexander Kjerulf: Happiness](http://climbtothestars.org/archives/2007/05/31/reboot9-alexander-kjerulf-happiness/)
– [Ted Rheingold: Learning From Dogs and Cats](http://climbtothestars.org/archives/2007/05/31/reboot9-ted-rheingold-learning-from-dogs-and-cats/)
– [Stowe Boyd: Flow, a New Consciousness for a Web of Traffic](http://climbtothestars.org/archives/2007/06/01/reboot9-stowe-boyd-flow-a-new-consciousness-for-a-web-of-traffic/)
– [Marko Ahtisaari: Attention! On the Near Future of Marketing](http://climbtothestars.org/archives/2007/06/01/reboot9-marko-ahtisaari-attention-on-the-near-future-of-marketing/)
– [Lee Bryant: Human Need (Kozarac)](http://climbtothestars.org/archives/2007/06/01/reboot9-lee-bryant-human-need-kozarac/)
– [Ewan McIntosh: Are We Ready For the Citizens of the Future?](http://climbtothestars.org/archives/2007/06/01/reboot9-ewan-mcintosh-are-we-ready-for-the-citizens-of-the-future/)
– [Leisa Reichelt: Ambient Intimacy](http://climbtothestars.org/archives/2007/06/01/reboot9-leisa-reichelt-ambient-intimacy/)

And of course… [the photos](http://flickr.com/photos/bunny/collections/72157600420715249/) (here, by [interestingness](http://flickr.com/search/?q=reboot&w=36521983709%40N01&s=int)).

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LIFT'07 Swiss TV Coverage [en]

[fr] LIFT à la TSR.

Here’s a [short piece on LIFT’07](http://www.tsr.ch/tsr/index.html?siteSect=500002&bcid=480986&format=450&vid=7511077) that was on the Swiss News last Thursday, and [another one with an interview of Laurent](http://www.tsr.ch/tsr/index.html?siteSect=500002&bcid=480970&format=450&vid=7509224). *Beware. Window resizing and RealStuff to be expected.* ([More videos here, click on “Vidéo”.](http://www.tsr.ch/tsr/index.html?searchString=lift&siteSect=608000)).

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