Google Reader: I'm Officially Pissed Off [en]

[fr] Trouvé la source des pubs pop-up: les extraits de ma page de "diffusion de billets" Google Reader. Je suppose qu'il y a des trous et que les pubs s'y glissent.

***Update 28.10.06:** [Fixed.](*

First, excuse the strong language. Second, note that I’ve removed my latest [shared items]( from the sidebar.

Why did I do such a thing, if [I love the sharing feature of Google Reader]( so much?

I did it because I finally identified the culprit in the [mystery of the pop-up ads on CTTS]( Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen: the little piece of code I had added to [display the headlines of my latest shared posts](

Now, I suspect this isn’t something Google did by design. I mean, I don’t suspect Google of wanting to display pop-up ads on any page which uses this kind of “clip” (that’s what they call it). However, I do suspect that there is a hole in their code somewhere that allows ads to creep in.

Google Reader people: this would probably be worth fixing.

Thanks again to [LLoyd]( who drew my attention to the pop-up and [Chris]( who assisted me in narrowing down the problem.

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