Quick LeWeb'10 News, and IceRocket [en]

[fr] LeWeb'10? C'est le dernier moment pour demander une accréditation blogueur officiel (lisez un peu la littérature avant de le faire, cependant, pour être au fait de nos attentes). Inscrivez-vous à la blogger boat party organisée par Frédéric et Damien, regardez le programme (en ligne aux yeux de tous), taguez vos articles "leweb10" et pinguez IceRocket. Pour les détails, lire la version anglaise de cet article!

So, what’s up with LeWeb’10?

You have until Friday to send in your application if you would like us to consider you for official blogger accreditation. A little recommended background reading before you apply, though: the kind of profile we look for in official bloggers, what bloggers do at conferences, live-blogging vs. live-tweeting (and why we prefer the former), the guidelines introducting the application form. (If you applied before yesterday, your application has already been processed and you have been sent an e-mail — in any case. Check your spam folder if you haven’t heard from us.)

Frédéric and Damien are (like last year!) organizing a cool Blogger Party (on a boat!) for official bloggers and others. Number of attendees is limited to keep the party cozy, so don’t delay signing up for it if you want to be able to come.

LeWeb’10 programme is out! The first thing I noticed when reading through the programme is that we’ll be hearing Bertrand Piccard, that I coincidentally blogged about the other day on the Ebookers.ch travel blog. I’ve heard him speak in French, and he’s a great speaker — look forward to hearing from him again. There are of course many other exciting speakers, but he’s the one that jumped out at me.

You might remember that last month, I was musing on tags and the demise of Technorati. Today, I caught myself thinking what a shame it was that there wasn’t one central place where all bloggers present at LeWeb’10 (official or otherwise) could see their posts aggregated during the conference. Well, actually, there is one: IceRocket. So, tag your posts with “leweb10” and ping IceRocket, and we’ll start building a nice collection of posts on the leweb10 tag page. Official blogger posts will be aggregated on the conference site itself in addition to that.

Now I just need to figure out why IceRocket isn’t indexing my blog.