Collaborative BlogTalk Notes on Wiki [en]

Collaborative notes taken during the BlogTalk conference are online on Joi’s wiki.

The conferences are interesting. Even more exciting is being a Mac user, playing with Rendez-Vous and SubEthaEdit.

One of the results of this is that notes some of us are taking at the conference are already available on BlogTalkViennaNotes.

As the notes are on wiki pages (after having been composed with SubEthaEdit, it was kind of a logical, step — thanks Suw), please don’t hesitate to complete them with your own if you were at the conference.

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Connect to BlogTalk [en]

BlogTalk resources: live stream, topic exchange, wiki page… stay connected, whether you are lucky enough to be in Vienna or not.

If you aren’t lucky enough to be attending the BlogTalk conference today and tomorrow, you can still follow the fun with the live stream from the conference.

Other than that, two topics to keep an eye on over at Topic Exchange:

Topic Exchange allows to comfortably solve the problem “do I trackback other related posts, even if I haven’t linked to them directly?” — use Topic Exchange.

If you’re at the conference and/or staying at Hotel Atlas, make use of Rendez-Vous (Rendez-Vous allowed me to “bump” into a fellow blogtalker last night), the BlogTalk wiki page and #blogtalk on freenode. Also — no fear of stating the obvious — come up for a chat, I love meeting others in the flesh!

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BlogTalk 2.0, Anyone? [en]

I’ll be in Vienna from 1st-6th of July for BlogTalk 2.0, and I am looking for people to meet before the conference and eventually someone to share a hotel room with. Let me know if you’ll be there!

I’ll be going to Vienna early July for BlogTalk 2.0, a series of conferences on weblogs. I’m planning to go there a few days before, so I’ll be in Vienna from July 1st or 2nd to July 6th evening. Registration for the conference is open until June 21st if you want the cheaper, before-the-conference prices. Otherwise you can always register at the conference.

Is anybody else (apart from Suw) going to be in Vienna before the conference? I could also be interested in sharing a (cheapish) hotel room with somebody. Please leave a message in the comments or update BlogTalkVienna on Joiwiki if you’re going to be there!

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