Twitter Advertisers and Friend Collectors [en]

[fr] Sur Twitter (voir mon guide si vous êtes perdus!), je laisse en principe qui le désire me "suivre". Par contre, je bloque sans merci ceux qui n'ont rien capté et qui utilisent Twitter pour envoyer des messages ressemblant à du spam, et ceux qui collectionnent les gens à suivre comme des trophées (à moins que ce soit des gens de "mon monde" que je connais). Donc, oui -- non seulement je ne m'amuse pas à suivre ces gens foncièrement inintéressants, mais en plus, je ne désire pas figurer dans leur tableau de chasse.

I’m approaching 500 followers on Twitter. That means that nearly 500 people have asked to be able to track my updates — and I haven’t blocked them.

I’ve blocked many people from following me, even though my updates are public, and anybody can read my tweets/twitters on the web.

Who do I block? Blatant advertisers and friend collectors.

When I get a notice that somebody is following me on twitter, I quickly go to check out their stream (sometimes a backlog builds up, but that doesn’t change much to the process).

If I know/recognize the person and I want to keep track of them, I’ll follow them back (I’m pretty loose about who I follow on Twitter, though I do stick to people I know in a way, people I’d like to know more, or people that seem very interesting in what they tweet).

If I don’t recognize the person, the first thing I do is check how many people they’re following. If they’re following 500+ or 1000+ people and their name doesn’t ring a bell (ie, they aren’t one of the 2.0 mass-networkers gravitating around my world), I block them. I see no interest in being part of their faceroll collection. None at all. So yeah, of course, I get less followers, like that (but I’m not in any race or anything).

If they don’t get busted because of my “friends limit”, I take a quick glance at their twitter stream. If it’s tweet after tweet of self-promotional crap or ad-linking, I block them too. Why anybody would use Twitter to try to convince people to follow their spam is beyond me — probably, they haven’t got a clue what Twitter is about, and are trying their same old spammy techniques there without realising they’re mostly useless. Anyway, I’m not interested in being associated with people like that, so I block them too.

Who is left? Well, normal human beings. If you’re reading this and you have a clue (ie, you don’t believe in spamming people or making collections of people/links/whatevers to win the contest), then you run very little chance of being blocked :-). Feel free to follow me on Twitter!

PS: Robert, Loïc, Jeff, and other authentic super-networkers out there: you’re part of my world, I don’t mind being in your collection ;-).