Basic Bilingual and Bunny's Technorati Tags Plugins Updated for WordPress 2.1 [en]

[fr] Mise à jour de mes deux plugins pour WP2.1 qui les cassait gravement. Mises à jour pas testées, à manier avec précaution.

Thanks to [Sudar](, who took the trouble to [fix Bunny’s Technorati Tags so that it worked with WP2.1](, here are up-to-date version of these two plugins, [Bunny’s Technorati Tags]( and [Basic Bilingual](

– [Bunny’s Technorati Tags 0.6](/code/ ([.phps](/code/bunny-tags.phps))
– [Basic Bilingual 0.3](/code/ ([.phps](/code/basic-bilingual.phps))

The previous, WordPress 2.0-compatible versions are still available:

– [Bunny’s Technorati Tags 0.5](/code/ ([.phps](/code/bunny-tags-0.5.phps))
– [Basic Bilingual 0.21](/code/ ([.phps](/code/basic-bilingual-0.21.phps))

**Warning:** these old versions suffer from the [empties custom fields problem]( Don’t use them with 2.1.

**Disclaimer:** I’m swamped with work, haven’t upgraded yet, and haven’t tested the new versions of the plugins. Use carefully. Let me know if there are glitches. Bunny’s Technorati Tags is [the very version Sudar put online]( (I’m making it available here mainly as there are links to it out there beyond my control, not the least from the [ wiki]( which has been closed to editing due to spam.) For **Basic Bilingual, however,** I adapted the code Sudar had added to Bunny Tags, but I don’t fully understand if it works. **Backup, try gingerly, and please leave comments here to let others (and myself) know if it works or breaks.**


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Trying WPMU [en]

[fr] Très bref compte-rendu de mon installation de WordPress multi-utilisateurs, la version sous laquelle tourne, qui existe d'ailleurs maintenant en français. Jetez-vous dessus!

I gave [WordPress Multi-User]( a try (that’s the version of WordPress that runs on). Took me roughly half an hour to install from start to finish, then about an hour or two of diluted DNS/vhost troubleshooting until I was told to add ServerAlias * to the vhost file.

I installed the [theme pack](, and I think I got my [technorati tags]( and [basic bilingual]( plugins working (not 100% sure because I haven’t tried using the template tags yet). [PHP Markdown Extra]( works but only if you activate it at blog-level.

I have great ideas about creating a “bunny-approved” package of WPMU now 🙂

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[fr] Les plugins "Bunny's Technorati Tags" et "Basic Bilingual" fonctionnent à  présent avec WordPress 2.0.

It took me a couple of hours, but both [Basic Bilingual]( and [Bunny’s Technorati Tags]( are now WordPress 2.0-compatible.

A few minor tweaks have been made, most significant of which is that these two plugins can now be used for Pages in addition to normal posts.

They should work, though I haven’t troubleshooted them extensively — please ring the bell if you bump into any problems.

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