Eschatology [en]

The SOUL button in the “current” box will save you from the Weird Wild Web. Trust me and peruse for your salvation.

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Brainstorm [en]

Waferbaby is now taking user-submitted brainstorms. So of course…

Is just friendship possible between a man and a woman, or does romance always get in the way?

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Faire-part [fr]

[en] 25.02.2006: Following the publication of To Hell With Bad Browsers and the WaSP Browser Upgrade campaign, I translated Jeffrey's article and launched in the process.

Nous avons la grande joie de vous annoncer la naissance de

Pour commencer dans l’allégresse, nous vous proposons la traduction très attendue de l’article To Hell With Bad Browsers de Jeffrey Zeldman, paru il y a quelques semaines sur A List Apart. Pour en savoir plus, allez directement voir sur place!

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Disclaimer [en]

Although it still may be funny, Nickd got it wrong. I wrote the word to css email to groupmonkey, not to him.

Just so you people know who I send my dumb emails to… *wink*

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Grimm Fusion [en]

So maybe you have heard about fusion. Now there is the text equivalent, daniel’s latest creation.
Have a peek at the second grimm. There’s a surprise for you at the end.

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