Grey Sky [en]

Another grey day outside. Another day of rain and rain and rain. A single day off, and back to work. Working an irregular schedule is not making things easy for me. Other than that, work is good. There are ups and downs, but globally it’s an enriching experience and these last days have worked out fine.

I’m sick and tired of the pandemic, like everyone I know. I’m lucky that the only direct impact it has on me is on my daily and social life. My life has shrunk. I have shrunk too.

The loss of variety, freedom, and unmasked social interactions is starting to get to me. I feel as grey as the sky, and my heart is permanently on the edge of rain. At least give us spring and outdoor life, long light evenings to enjoy the world.

For now, I will try not to sink between the walls of my flat. Use the day I have for myself in a meaningful way. Take a deep breath and wait some more.

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