Just a Cat [en]

28.12.2020 17:19

Just a cat
Nobody said that
I’m even sure nobody thought that
Except maybe me
I shouldn’t feel so sad
I shouldn’t feel so lost
I shouldn’t be so heartbroken
Though even for months
And years
He’d been a shell of himself
A cat asleep
A little life
A few scraps left at the end of a long road
But still there
Still carrying memories
Our years together
Our bond
Still there while he slept
And purred sometimes
And stretched
Under my hand
And rubbed his face onto mine
Even when he stopped seeking my lap
Asleep next to me
Every night
Until the end
Soft fur
Lovely face
Black pads under his paws
So gentle
So trusting
A beautiful being
Just a cat
But my cat
My love
Gone to nothingness
Hardly more absent than when he was still there
In a way
But so much more absent to my tearful heart.

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