I need to write [en]

I’ve felt in “survival mode” for the last few years. More on that later. I had a wonderful professional experience in Fribourg. More on that later. I’ve been largely off sports due to an injury that messed with my back, and that hasn’t helped. And I haven’t been writing, for various reasons.

I read Thierry yesterday. I remembered that I used to write, not just “talk” on Facebook.

It’s more silent around here. There is time to think while I write. It’s less immediate. There are less people hanging around ready to pounce on every word (though I have to say, I consider myself very lucky to be blessed with the “Facebook crowd” I have — smart, reasonable, intelligent people).

My old Quintus is still hanging in there, though he’s been a bit off lately. He’s going to be 19 in February. He has a lot of old man ailments but nothing that is killing him.

After six months silent, where do I start? A few articles have been knocking around in my head. One on voice messages. Another one, for the WDS blog, will be advice I would have liked to give 32-year-old me when I went freelance. I might do a French version for the eclau blog, if I haven’t written it already.

Eclau is empty, but I’m keeping the space, it’s still open, and I’m on the lookout for a small company or non-profit who would like to settle there. Let me know.

Let’s not overdo it. This will be enough for today.

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