What Happened [en]

Beginning of October, I started working in Fribourg, with an hour of commute to get to my office. 45 minutes on the train. I decided to use that time to blog. And I did, to some extent. But not as much as I initially planned.

What happened?

A bunch of things:

  • mid-November, Quintus was diagnosed with diabetes
  • I’ve been taking the train with two of my colleagues (usually not on the same day) a couple of times a week
  • I fell ill December 7th and am only starting to be properly better now — the days I did manage to drag myself to work I was too exhausted to write

Now? Quintus is getting better and could even be headed for remission. I’m getting better, but have been out of it for so long it’s going to take some time for me to be completely up and running.

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