I'll Be Attending LeWeb'13 in Paris in a Few Weeks [en]

[fr] Dans quelques semaines, je serai à la conférence LeWeb à Paris, cette fois en tant que "simple" blogueuse officielle!

For the first time in many years, I’ll be in Paris in December for LeWeb as a “simple” Official Blogger. After five years of setting up and managing the Official Blogger Programme, first alone, then with Fred and Arne (and always with Géraldine!), I’m really looking forward spending a few “relaxed” days at LeWeb.

Yes, I actually used the word “relaxed” in the same sentence as “LeWeb”. Given how huge and fast-paced the mega-conference-festival is, it’s surprising, but I can tell you that “not being in charge of anything” makes it feel like a picnic.

Lift and LeWeb are the two conferences I have attended consistently since 2006, the year I quit my job as a teacher and became a full-time “social web” freelancer.

So, what’s in store? The theme this year is forward-looking, and in addition to attending the sessions (some of the speakers blew me away last year), I will be catching up with old friends (if I can catch them) and hanging out in the startup/demo areas on the lookout for cool tech.

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  1. An “official blogger” is a blogger who is invited to attend the conference so he/she can blog about it. You can see the list on the site (I think I linked to it) and read more about them in the posts I wrote for LeWeb’08 and LeWeb’09.

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