Le blog laissé à l'abandon [fr]

[en] What's the point of closing a blog? It will wait for you.

Depuis bientôt 13 ans que je blogue, j’ai eu des passages à vide, et des passages moins à vide. Jamais des mois et des mois sans écrire, mais on pourrait imaginer que ça arrive un jour.

J’entends parfois d’autres blogueurs, se sentant coupables de leur blog laissé à l’abandon, parler de le fermer.

A quoi bon?

Un blog, c’est un format libre. On écrit, on n’écrit pas. On peut arrêter pendant des mois, voire des années, et puis reprendre, comme Martin.

Votre blog vous attendra. Vous n’avez pas besoin de le fermer.

3 thoughts on “Le blog laissé à l'abandon [fr]

  1. Hi Steph,

    Been blogging for 10-11 years on a more or less regular basis, from 5 posts a day to nothing for 1,2 3 months… maybe more.

    Long story made short: I wiped 3 blogs. The first one (2002-2004) because what I wrote made a fuss in my neighborhood, the second one (2004-2008) because I wanted to turn over a new leaf (I know about archives.org), third one (2010-2012) because I had no interest with leaving that content on the Internet. 2 are remaining: one quite active as you know it, the other one sleeping somewhere (on Livejournal, for real).

    I can understand why many people actualy chose to remove their blog from the Web. Even though you’re running a tech blog as I do, blogging is still something very intimate. Leaving a blog sleeping on the Web makes me feel like my digital self does not evolve anymore. I would almost consider that like being dead, or frozen in carbonite.

    This works for yourself, but also for other people.

    When someone discovers a blog you’ve not updated for 2,3,4 or 5 years, that person does not discover you, but the person you were the last time you published something on that blog. If you’ve changed a lot in the meantime, it can be very difficult to handle.

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