LIft13, Noise and Speed: Justin Pickard [en]

Here are my live notes of the Lift Conference session “Noise and Speed: Loose Brakes and Failing Filters”. Keep an eye open for mistakes, inaccuracies, and other flakiness due to live-blogging. A bit disjointed, courtesy of my head cold.
Justin Pickard

Dionysus’s plastic hat (fox talk).

3D printing. Woodblock printing. Desktop publishing changed the world. Food replicator.

A revolution in the making (!). Third industrial revolution? Luring back high-value manufacturing jobs from China (Obama administration).

Early attempts at 3D-printing as service.

Consumer markets. Makerbot. Technology substitution. What happens when these things arrive in our homes? Innovators and early adopters so far.

The best is yet to come.

Different take: “celebrate the 3D printer for the imagination it already fosters, not the disruption it could someday bring.” (The Atlantic)

3D prints of foetuses. Rematerialization of ultrasound pictures. But how do these objects make you feel? Something like the death mask going on here, maybe?

Gun casings. Disruptive lego piece angles.

Gold rush to 3D printing. Lots of bad stuff, crapjects “unwanted waste created by unskilled designers and fabricated using inferior materials with poor surface resolution”.

Printing your own head: doesn’t serve much purpose, but once you’ve gone through the trouble of doing it, you’re probably not going to throw it away.

Post-war USA, keeping up with the Joneses: people didn’t necessarily know good design when they saw it, so main criteria was if somebody else had it.

What would have Marx have made of the MakerBot?

Opportunities for trial and error, learning by doing. At the end of the day, friends don’t give other friends badly-designed furniture, leaking stuff, etc.

Are we getting design by committee? Who is liable when stuff fails?

Filabot. Filament maker, recycling your stuff for your 3D printer.

Crayon creatures: turning children’s drawings into sandstone creatures (via 3D printing).

Loom: similar skill set, cheaper!

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